How to avoid the Holiday Weight Gain Tips

How to eat less?

Simply, by cutting off half what you eat at lunch or dinner, will make you keep or even lose same weights without leaving yourself hungrier.

Stand up while you eat

By staying up while you eat, you will feel full faster; maintaining a good posture during meals enables food to settle more quickly into the lower of your stomach, the part that it send “I am full” signal to your brain.

Eat a fruit before you are going to a party

Before you are going to a party eat a fruit like a banana, an apple or an orange. This way you will eat less at the party; fruits are loaded with soluble fiber keeping your sugar level stable, and it will prevent you from food cravings.

Cut 50% from your calories

Just pay attention to what you are eating; studies show that when you pay attention to the food you are more likely to eat less 50% calories.

Drink smart

You have to take in consideration alcohol is a powerful appetite stimulant; therefore, by limiting your consumption is the way to avoid the holiday weight gain.

Cut your appetite

Eating small meals four or five time a day will make you eat less and you are not going to feel hungry. Eating high protein as chicken or beef 30 minutes before a lunch or a dinner will start your cholecystokinin the hormone that will tell you to stop eating.

Take a 20 minutes break

This is a golden rule; having a break before going back to holiday feast will give your brain time to register satisfaction and you are going to eat less food.