How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in 6 Natural Ways

Today more than 55 million Americans have already high blood pressure; other 25 million are at risk. There are clever ways that might help you lower your blood pressure.

1. Relax
Whether you are going to admire a snowfall or you are going to a walk in the park, losing yourself to in the nature can help you lower your blood pressure as much as 20%. The relaxation is going to help your central nervous system. The effect is so powerful than even 15 minutes daily can help.

2. Take a deep breath
By taking 10 relaxed breaths per minute compare to 16 in the common way, might help you lower your hypertension by 15%. A calm breath reduces the production of your stress hormones, and this is essential for keeping your arteries relax and your blood pressure normal.

3. Use sesame oil

By consuming as little as 1oz sesame oil every day, your blood vessel walls could relax and lower your blood pressure 20 points in 2 months.

4. Coenzyme Q10 could help
Simply, by taking 120 mg coenzyme Q10 every day could lower your blood pressure 15 points in 3 months. This antioxidant can help your arteries to relax even during a stressful moment.

5. Eat potatoes

If you will eat one cup serving of baked potatoes daily, you can trim your blood pressure the same way you are doing when you eat oatmeal; you are not going to gain any weight if you will keep the fat level low. Potatoes are rich in potassium and this can lower your blood pressure.

6. Lower your sugar consumption

When we talk about diet for blood pressure, salt is gets the headlines. New research reveals that by cutting your sugar consumption you could lower the blood pressure up to 30% in three months. High blood sugar is irritating for your arteries walls and reducing sugar consumption can help.

You should do regularly check for your blood pressure in order to prevent heart attacks or strokes.