How Exposure to Synthetic Estrogen Can Raise a Woman Risk of High Blood Pressure – Ways to Prevent

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High Blood Pressure

It is been proven that long-term exposure to synthetic estrogen (the kind in birth controls pills or hormone replacement therapy) can raise a woman risk of high blood pressure. This hormone produces a compound that will tighten your blood vessels. To prevent this from happening what you have to do is to follow few easy steps. If you can avoid this kind of medication, you can avoid estrogen overloads.

Eat cabbage. Cabbage and all cruciferous (broccoli, Brussels, kale, watercress) are loaded with compounds that will transform synthetic estrogen into a gentler form that will not cause high blood pressure. One and ½ cup of any of these greens eating every day will cut your risk by 50%.

Get a walk. Twenty minutes of exercise every day like having a walk, can drop your blood pressure by 10 points in a long term. This is happening even if you do not stop your medication.

Relax your blood vessels. American researchers found that if you take a daily dose of resveratrol, a grape skin extract, it will improve your blood flow.  Resveratrol prevent artery damaging inflammation.

Enjoy ½ of avocado every day. Your daily diet has to include healthy plant fats.

Eat olives, nuts, flax seeds or avocados. This diet will help your production of progesterone. Progesterone acts as an estrogen blocker and in will flush out your excess fluids.

If while you are on medication and your blood pressure goes high, ask your doctor to switch that to a progesterone pill or a patch control.  Both are at lower risk to cause high blood pressure.

Walnuts can cut your cancer risk at half. Nuts are rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, radical’s free fighter.

Stay safe and take a good care of you.