Tips to Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

1. Keep a normal l weight. If you are overweight your risk of stroke is increasing.

2. Eat apples. Eating one apple every day, reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure by 30%.

3. Do physical exercises every day. Doing exercise for 15 minutes every day, will lower your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

4. Take vitamin C. New studies show that vitamin C makes your blood vessels to relax and also shields them from the harmful effects of stress. As a result your blood pressure can drop by 5% in four weeks.

5. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Add whole grains and low fat milk or cheese. A diet rich in fiber reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure.

6. Use less salt with your meals. A low salt diet will reduce your risk of heart disease. Avoid also semi-prepared foods; they got a lot of salt.

7. Play with your children or your pet. They can help you to relax and your blood pressure can lower with 10%, by taking the edge of stress and anxiety.

8. Drink alcohol and coffee in moderation. Don’t use more than one drink per day. A glass of red wine daily helps blood vessels to expand and lowers pressure.

9. Don’t smoke. Nicotine is a strong addictive chemical causing the blood vessels to constrict and blood pressure increases.

10. Take Calcium. Calcium has been related to reduction of blood pressure. A daily dose of 700-1000 milligrams is highly recommended. Or just drink one glass of low fat milk.

11. Have more potassium in your diet. Eating bananas can help your blood pressure to stay normal.

12. Do stress management technique. It helps keep your blood pressure under control.

***Do the changes today don’t wait till you become sick, prevention is the key of success***