How to Prevent and Heal Your Arthritis

One in four people are struggling with arthritis today, and millions more will be diagnosed next year. Having arthritis today is does not means you are going to live in constant pain. Here they are a few tips that can lower your risk or ever getting arthritis.

Use a simple exercise

Simply by spending 30 seconds daily reaching for your toes while sitting straight-legged on the floor, will prevent your arthritis and slow its progression. These simple exercises will the muscles that support your knees flexible.

Eat the right food

You should eat tuna on whole wheat bread. Both fish and whole grains are the top sources of selenium, an important mineral that will protect your joint cartilage. People with more of selenium in their diet, are 35% less likely to develop arthritis. Fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that can help slow the joint damage if you have it already. The recommended dose is 2 servings of whole grain bread daily and 15 0z of fish weekly.

You should do cycling

Any kind of exercise will tone your muscles and boost the blood flow to your joints. Cycling does even more. Repetitive motion will actually heal and thicken your cartilage in your legs and hips. Unlike other exercise, cycles will not damage your joints. If you cycle for 15-20 minutes daily, you will reduce the risk of damaging your joints by 40%.

Take vitamin C

By taking a daily dose of vitamin C (500mg) you could cut your risk of arthritis by 24%.Vitaminn C will fight your free radicals; and it will activate the enzymes that build healthy new joint cartilage.

Romaine–parsley salad can help

Romaine lettuce and parsley are good sources of vitamin K, a nutrient that can help the joint repair tissue. The daily amount of salad is 2 cups of romaine and 1 oz of parsley. Add olive oil to your salad.

If your pain is not going away, try to eat more of these foods: eggplant, potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes. Their plant compound will help to trigger your joints inflammation.

To the most people the left and the right legs are pretty close to the same length, but one in 5 people suffering of arthritis the leg with inflammation is ¾ mismatched or even more. You should ask your doctor to measure your legs; if is a difference an inexpensive heel will help lift your leg and solve the problem
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