Study – Women Spend More than Half of Life Wearing Makeup

It is a fact. Women spend on average more than half of their lives wearing makeup, according to recent research. Also, according to the study, one in five women refuses to leave the house without makeup.

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Woman Using Lipstick

It is also a fact that women are reluctant to speak candidly and honestly about their specific reasons for wearing makeup. It is understandable. Many women think that if they recognize that wearing makeup actually they admit that they are vain and shallow. Of course, this isn’t true. Makeup is a form of expression and character especially for women.

So, in recent years several studies have been conducted on several samples of women of different ages and professions.

In a typical day, women wear makeup about 13 hours remaining only 11 hours that they do not wear makeup, informs “Daily Mail”. Researchers have reviewed the responses of 2,000 women in order to achieve a detailed study of their makeup habits and beauty routine. The survey revealed that women are starting to wear makeup at around 8.00 a.m., and the process takes, on average, 11 minutes, and at 8.47 p.m., women remove their makeup. Half of the women participating in the survey said they spend more time wearing makeup than without makeup.

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“This research shows that many women spend much of their time wearing makeup. Makeup can increase without any doubt, your confidence and can make you feel better about yourself, so it’s no surprise that women insist to wear it  (makeup) all the time” said Robert Slade, director of sales and marketing at “Beurer”,  a company in the UK.

Nearly one in five women said that refuses to leave the house if she is not wearing makeup and 10% of participants stated that makeup makes them feel better. In fact, 38% of women are so reluctant to remove their makeup that often goes to bed with their makeup intact.

It was also showed that, on average, a woman has about 13 different products in her makeup kit. Makeup kit mainly consists of, concealer, mascara and eye shadow, which are among the most popular cosmetic products that women use every day.

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