The Most Seductive Trend Today: Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift

Eye makeup ennobles your eyes and gives you an air of sensual, chic, attractive, retro, mysterious and why not, sexy. You need only to think of Angelina Jolie cat eyes and you will realize quickly how charming is cat eye makeup. The main advantage of this makeup type is that it fits any woman, regardless of age and eye shape.

A proper application of eye makeup can help you correct and improve your eye shape. Eyes with descendant line and exterior angle down can make you look tired, older or sad, but a good eye makeup can create the illusion of eyes with an ascending line, fascinating.

The whole idea of cat eye makeup is to elongate the eye and define it by a rising wing made outside corner of the eye. For this makeup style you can use liner, ink or dark shadow.

Let’s discover together 5 ways of cat eye makeup that can transform you into a diva.

1. Thick Contour Cat Eye Makeup

Bold and Winged Cat Eye Makeup

Thick Contour Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is ideal to be worn both night and day. Obvious, it is much  better during the evening, because it can give you a dramatic effect and highlights your eyes, but  if you trace the outline thinner and you make a subtle and discreet stem, you can wear this eye makeup during the  day too. In fact, it can be an eye makeup suitable for any time of day. It is recommended to outline your eyes after you have applied a shadow in a darker shade to the eye crease. Make a darker line closer to the eyelashes. For this makeup style contour line should have the same thickness throughout your eyelid, no need to be thinner in the inner corner and thicker in the outer corner of your eye. Finally, you may draw a delicate wing upward. Keep the lower eyelid without any makeup.

2. Cat Eye Makeup with Blush

Tweet Grey Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup with Blush

Cat eye makeup can only be achieved only with blush makeup, if you do not use pencil or ink. The secret of this of this cat eye makeup style is to form a “V” in horizontal position in the outer corner of your eye.

Specifically, apply the shadow all over your upper eyelid, then apply a dark shadow in the crease and in the outer corner of the eye.

Use your brush to make a dark shadow over the crease and in the corner eye to form a “V” in horizontal position and pointed slightly in an upward angle.


3. Cat Eye Makeup with Coloured Ink

Multi Coloured Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup with Coloured Ink

Colored ink is the new sensation in terms of eye makeup.

All you have to do is to draw an ascending or straight contour with colored ink and draw a little wing or tail in to the outer corner of the eye. In addition, it is very fun to use colored ink.



4. Soft Cat Eye Makeup

Bridal Airbrush Makeup

Soft Cat Eye Makeup

If you want a soft eye makeup, you can use a light brown shimmer eye shadow that you can apply in the external corner of the eye being careful to follow an upward trajectory.

As for the shape, it can be traced subtle, without exceeding the corner of your eye. It is, if you want a 2 in 1 makeup: smoky and cat eye. Use the same eye shadow for your lower eyelid.

Lower eyelid shape with the same eyeshadow that you use to achieve the cat eye.

5. Dramatic Cat Eye Makeup

Trendy Eye makeup

Dramatic Cat Eye Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup requires a perfect shape of the eyelids. Apply a black eye shadow to the crease of the upper eyelid eye.

Blend it well, and when you get outside corner, draw with it long and thick stems. Blurs the shadow lines, then use a black ink or pencil to trace the outline.

Stem must be done with ink to define the shadow upward. Make a thinner line to outline your lower eyelid. Here’s a picture that might inspire you.