Volumetric Diet, the Right Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle

Health is the most precious good of everyone. In order to be healthy, first you need to have a proper body weight. Today, you can find in magazines and online a wide range of weight loss diets. This is confusing for someone trying to lose weight or to maintain his weight. Not to mention that even if you apply a diet that works, remains one major obstacle, the relentless hunger.

Volumetric diet is completely different from other diets. Undeniable advantage of this diet is that it helps people to diet without having hunger. The principle of this diet is very simple. This diet recommends eating foods low in fat, protein and calories.

For example:

  • – Fats = 9 calories/gram
  • – Carbohydrates and Proteins = 4 calories/gram
  • – Alcohol = 8 calories/gram

However, this diet is indicated more for those who want to maintain their weight or for those who want to lose a few pounds. Volumetric diet is not a diet with dramatic results but instead is a diet that gives lasting results.

Volumetric Diet PrincipleVolumetric Diet Principle

The main idea is to trick your body. Therefore, eat a salad before eating the main course. In this way, you will feel full before serving the main course. Even if you eat your favorite steak, you will not feel the need to empty your plate.

Another trick is to replace foods high in calories with high fiber foods or with water.

Example: Eat 2 or 3 apples instead of a stick of crackers.

Recommended Foods

Volumetric diet recommends foods with a low energy level, such as:

– Vegetables without starch – zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, asparagus, onion, celery, spinach, broccoli, etc
– Fruits rich in water – apple, pear, melon
– Mushrooms
– Whole grains
– Poultry
– Seafood
– Skim milk and fat-free soups

Volumetric Soup Receipe

Volumetric Soup

Water that is found in the fruits or in the vegetables dilutes their calories making possible their consumption without any restrictions. You will not gain any extra pounds no matter how much amount of vegetables or fruit you eat.

Whole grains are high in fibers and therefore, they provide a fullness feeling and can be eating without adding calories.

Prohibited Foods

It is a good idea to reduce and even to eliminate from your diet foods such as:

– Chocolate
– Cheese
– Cookies
– Crackers
– Nuts
– Chips

Volumetric Diet and Water

Water has an important place in any diet and volumetric diet is no exception to the rule.

Water is extremely important for smooth functioning of the digestive system.

The role of water in your body:

– Helps foods to pass through the digestive tract
– Transports nutrients from the blood to cells
– Eliminate unnecessary materials
– Maintain the body temperature

Volumetric Diet and Fitness

Daily exercises are highly recommended. They will boost your metabolism.

Even a daily walk in the park or around the neighborhood helps a lot the proper functioning of the metabolism.