How to Lose Weight Fast Eating Six Times a Day

Young Lady EatingSmall and frequent portions are the secret. This is the best way to describe one of the most effective methods of weight loss that requires you to eat not less than six times every day. The principle of this weight loss method is quite easy to be implemented, if you’re willing to change your eating habits.

Besides the three main meals, would you consider having another three smaller meals consisting of healthy snacks? Nutritionists recommend that to eat every three hours.

1. You Need to Supply Your Body with Food Constantly

Your stomach works constantly, but it does not work the same in all times of the day. If you gobble your stomach with food, the digestion will be hindered, and your metabolism will not be able to burn all the calories consumed, turning most of them into fat.

If you make sure your body receive nutrients every three hours, your metabolism will function normally and will burn calories constantly. More than that, in this way you will not be hungry and forced to consume junk food or any sort of salt or sweet snacks, which are full of calories.

Constantly fed throughout the day, your body converts nutrients into energy and not fat deposits. Get used to eat at least six small portions of food every day and you’ll be able to lose weight quickly.

2. Eat Healthy Snacks at Work

Snacks that you eat at work are not quite the healthiest. Chips, crackers, pretzels and candy bars do not provide your body with nutrients, ie not feed it, they just kidding your hunger. If you count bag of pretzels as one of the six meals a day, you will definitely cheat and sabotage your diet.

For your plan to be successful, it is important to eat healthy and nourishing snacks. Almonds and seeds can be a delicious and healthy snack. A handful of almonds is enough for your body to be stocked with vitamins and minerals. Tuna sandwich and bread is another healthy snack. Tuna has a high protein content, balances blood sugar levels and reduce the production of cortisol.

3. Eat Small Food Portions when Dining Out

If you use to eat in town or to buy to go pay attention to portions. Often, the restaurant meals are too generous, and unfortunately, you cannot help and you will eat everything on your plate. This mess up your diet, so it is better to order less food or do not eat it.

Lady Eating FruitsAn effective trick is to eat less at home is eating from small dishes. A small bowl takes a moderate serving of food. Maybe at first you will not feel full, but over time your stomach gets used and will require less food.

Another trick that can reduce food portions is consuming a glass of water before meals. Water will quickly quell hunger. While eating, chew your food well. Experts say that in this way you will manage to get tired faster and will facilitate digestion.


A diet with six small meals a day brings many benefits, because set in motion a whole chain of processes. A stimulated metabolism will burn calories from a meal to another meal, digestion will be improved considerably, you won’t get cravings for unhealthy snacks anymore and you will get energy and lose weight faster than you think.