Probiotic Help You Lose Weight

Eating Yogurt

Yogurt a Probiotic Food

Besides their protective role in the digestive system, probiotic also help you lose weight faster. In principle, these beneficial bacteria for your body have proved extremely effective in slower absorption of calories, in combating hunger, and in bloating and constipation preventing.

Let’s see which are the probiotic foods and what are their effects on your silhouette.

A diet rich in probiotic is considered by scientists a really solution for people with weight problems. Probiotic bacteria help boost metabolism and burn the complex carbohydrates in your body.

A study conducted by the prestigious Stanford University have showed that individuals with a diet rich in probiotic can manage to keep their weight at an optimal level, while people who eat less foods with probiotic tend to be overweight.

What are Probiotic and How They Can Help You Lose Weight

Probiotic are bacteria that we all have in our guts and plays a crucial role in digestion process. They provide the necessary enzymes for the absorption of healthy nutrients, the vitamin synthesis and the optimization of energy from food.

There is a close connection between your immune system, probiotic bacteria from your guts, digestion and obesity. More probiotic means a good metabolism that run at optimum parameters, so less fat deposits formed in your tissues.

Foods Rich in Probiotic

Maintaining an ideal body weight requires consumption of foods rich in probiotic. Here’s what you should eat every day:

– Skim milk, Yogurt, Kefir, Cottage Cheese – (lactobacillus and sour-bacteria from lactic acid bacteria protect your intestinal tract)
– Bors, Sauerkraut and Pickles
– Mint, Dark Chocolate, Ginger (Tea or as a Condiment)
– Olive, Tofu, Soy Milk

Besides probiotic, there are other type of bacteria that help you lose weight, called prebiotic. They are microscopic organisms that feed probiotic in your gut, helping them to act more effectively in the digestive process. You find in foods such as:

– Bananas
– Onions, Garlic, Artichoke, Asparagus
– Honey, Barley
– Red Wine

Probiotic Diet Tips

Probiotic Yoghurt

Yoghurt and Strawberries

To take full advantage of all the positive effects of probiotic, you need to focus on a diet with an increased intake of healthy bacteria.

Try to eliminate as much as possible sugar and complex carbohydrates in your diet helping the probiotic to work more powerful in your gut. In this way, you will lose weight faster. Eat at least one serving of probiotic (yogurt for breakfast or as a snack, a square of dark chocolate to get rid of cravings for sweets etc).

In addition, you can follow a treatment with natural supplements but only after you consult your doctor about their safe administration.

Try to exercise every day (even climbing stairs or walking are a good way to exercise), if you want your metabolism to start burning fat at its peak.