A Few Reasons to Practice Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Couple Practicing Yoga and Meditation

When we start yoga and meditation, we invite major changes into our life. These changes start from within. Maybe this practice unleashes a deep longing in our heart and shows us the truths we have been hiding from our self. Soon after we start this practice we are going to see big external changes in our life.

This is call “karmic acceleration”.

In other words yoga open new doors in our life and give us new possibility.

After I start practicing yoga and meditation I become stronger and more motivated. Yoga gave me the strength and insight me, I became a veteran of several radical life changes, so for me is not a problem to imagine how other people feel.

I left my country and I emigrate at 43 years old, and begin an entirely new life. Even contemplating a divorce, a career change, can bring up core survival fears. I had got health issues, nightmares. Believe or not I survive all of these situations, and now I have a very good life.

Yoga did not keep me away from feeling scared or confused but rise me up and guide my feelings.

The Buddhist doctrine tells us that change is necessary, inevitable, and unavoidable. Every moment is part of flow creation. If we start understanding the divine nature of this process of change, our life will be easier.

View the change as a new initiation. Moving to a new country or changing careers or even go back to school are new initiations, new experiences. Each of these experiences will redefine us. We won’t be the same persons after we step out from an old situation to a new one.

Meditate through incertitude .New situation bring fear, anxiety, irritability, sadness. The real antidote to all this discomfort meditation .Cont your blessing, feel them. The meditation practice can be as simple as breathing slowly or repeating a mantra. Important is to connect inside of yours to outside.

What I understand from my life experience is let go the past, move on, think positive, and love everything around me. Yoga and meditation help me with all of this process.

In conclusion if you want to start practices yoga and meditation found a recognize yoga teacher and join the classes.

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