How Incenses Can Improve Your Health and What Are Their Benefits

Burning Incenses Sticks

Burning Incenses Sticks

In antiquity, peoples burned incense for ritual or healing reasons.

Incense Benefits

In our days, peoples are burning incense for different reasons. There are several incense scents.

Same flagrance revitalizes and changes the energy around us, as cedar, ginger lily, and dragon’s blood.

Other scents cleanse the atmosphere from all negativity and tension, as frankincense, sage, pine and juniper.

A scent can be a good reminder; it can bring back to you something from your past.

However, burning incense can be a ritual to clean purifier or heal a person. Incense is not only about smell, it can help you can see too. Watching the smog from the incense stick might help you to create a visual image of you, healing yourself, a connection of you with Mather Nature, Universe or God.

Incense is not good only for soul but can contribute to the healing of some diseases.

Warning: People suffering of asthma or pregnant and nursing women should avoid the incense. Anyone to sensitive or allergy reactions or any kind of disease should consult his doctor before decide to use it. Do not use incense too often.


  • v Lavender
  • It is a sweet floral herbaceous scent with balsamic and woody undertones.  It use for love and happiness.
  • v Mugwort
  • It is a dry and woody scent. Symbolize letting go the past.
  • v Desert sage
  • Herbaceous aroma with an underlying of fruity aroma. It is use for cleansing and purifying.
  • v Rose
  • It is a rich scent of warm floral and spicy. It is use for love sensuality and meditation.
  • v Frankincense
  • Its scent depends of the tree and is fresh, citrus and woody. It is for protection, spirituality and courage.
  • v Dragon’s blood
  • It got a strong and spicy scent. It use for meditation, cleansing and purifying.
  • v Rhubarb
  • It got a fruit and sweet scent. It use for love, cleansing and purifying.
  • v Patchouli
  • It has a sweet spicy and woody odor. It use for protection, sleep and cleansing.
  • v Sandalwood
  • It is sweet, woody and delicate spicy. It use for mental clarity, relaxation and spirituality.

Stay healthy and happy with your favorite incense flagrance.