Why You Should Meditate and Meditation Benefits


Deep Meditation

What is meditation?

If you are looking to define the essence of meditation, perhaps it would not be bad to know how meditation was defined by the ancient Buddhists.

In their conception meditation, in its pure and original form, it was conceived by Hindu Sages. Through meditation, you can attain God and you can attain yourself or “moksha”. Also, through meditation Buddhist can attain Nirvana.

Obviously, not everyone can attain God or become of the God realized soul through meditation, but he can have many benefits in practicing any form of meditation.

Deep Meditation and Relaxing Music with Water Sounds (video)

In fact, you should not see meditation as a religious practice. Nowadays, meditation can be considered a discipline and medical practice that can give great results in getting physical and mental health. One of the pioneers who have contributed most to the global spread of meditation is Marishi Mahesh Yogi, who lived between 1917 and 2008.

About 6 million people, all across the globe, practice Transcendental Meditation today. Let’s see together the amazing benefits of doing meditation.

Meditation Can Help Lower Your Stress

I think this positive effect of meditation is obvious to everyone. Everyone knows that only through a deep meditation you can relax and change your mood.

But, what is the scientific explanation of the process?

An explanation is that meditation influences certain physiological body functions such as a decrease of cortisol. Cortisol is an hormone that is directly related to stress.

In addition, meditation controls your blood pressure and reduces your muscle tension increasing in this way your autonomic stability.

Meditation Helps Your Overall Physical Health

It may seem unbelievable but a regular meditation can help you to lose weight, reducing your excessive craving for food.

In the same way, meditation can be your great ally against smoking and alcohol.

Meditation will thus help reduce your blood pressure.

Meditation greatly helps to eliminate these vices and bad habits from your life improving your overall physical health.

Meditation Influences Many Psychological Changes

Meditation has an overwhelming contribution to reducing anxiety and depression. A similar effect is seen in lower post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Through meditation, you can be a new human being. Relationships between you and your peers are improved. It is well known that meditation can increase family harmony, decrease the hostility and even reduce criminal activity.

Through meditation many scientific discoveries can be made. A deep meditation creates your opportunity to focus on one goal, which may be an important new scientific discovery. Solutions to problems that may seem insurmountable at first sight can be obtained only through a deep meditation.