Yoga Can Help You to Breathe Right

Breath Right with Yoga

Practicing Yoga on the Beach

The way you breathe is very important for your health. During the day, wherever you find a moment, take the opportunity to connect with sacredness of everyday life.

In Yoga breath (or Pranayama) is said to be the link between your mind and your body. Perhaps, breath is one of the most important parts of this  ancient mental, spiritual and physical discipline.

You will not be able to do Yoga if you do not have a mental focus and if you do not breathe right.

In fact, yoga and a correctly breathing complement each other.”

Practicing Breathing or Pranayama Tips

YOGA – Harmonizing the Body with the Mind and Breath (video)

1. It is better to practice outside, or in a quiet place where you cannot be distracted. However, if you do not have the possibility to do your exercises outside then you can do them inside but you need to open wide your windows. It is extremely important to have plenty of fresh air.

2. Start your “Pranayama” exercises lying down on your back; only so you can concentrate on your breath. Try all the time to have a regular breathing and uses only nose. Do not breath through your mouth.

3. Gradually, keeping all the time your spine straight, move in a sitting position. Breath slowly, deeply and regularly. However, if  you feel dizzy , you should go back to normal breathing.

4. Progress carefully and slowly to a stand up position. This stand up position or Mountain Pose “Tadasana“. Tadasana is a very basic standing posture with feet together and hands at the sides of the body. Feel your feet solidly beneath you with your spin lifted and your head up.

5. Pay attention to your breath . Practice slowly all the exercises; do not rush them. Take your time, be relaxed and concentrate only on your breath. When you inhale, expend your ribs bring the positive energy inside. When you exhale soften your belly, and take the all bad energy outside.

6. Begin to let the rhythm of your inhale and exhale remind you of the sentiment of  “Syaha“, pace and totally relaxation.

7. Now it is the right time for “Anuloma Viloma“. You should alternate nostril breathing technique (or Anuloma Viloma). That means you will inhale through one nostril, you will hold for a few moments your breath and then you will exhale through the other nostril. It is indicated a ratio of 2-8-4. This exercise has an very important beneficial role. It equalizes and balances your breathing 9the flow of “Prana” through your body. Do not forget. In this technique you adopt “Vishnu Mudra“, which consists in covering your nostrils one by one, using your right hand.

When you inhale, accept the divine as a blessing.

When you exhale offer yourself completely, to the moment.

With every breath you create a balance in syaha and open yourself to the grace in every ordinary day.

This way, you can go on with your everyday life, more peaceful and ease and wholly complete.