Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

Apple Vinegar and weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a tonic made by fermenting the juice of apples.

The apple is first crushed and then the juice is squeezed out. After adding yeast and sugar, the fermentation process occurs.

In the second process certain bacteria are added to the juice and acetic acid is formed.

Apple cider vinegar made from the double fermentation of whole apples should be used, and it should not be distilled, filtered or pasteurized as these extra processing steps destroy many of the vitamins, nutrients and fermentation products that are thought to be important elements in apple cider vinegar’s health benefits and weight loss properties.

Apple cider vinegar and weight loss health benefits have been utilized for centuries. It has miraculous healing properties.

Suppliers of the tonic claim that it will cure migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure.  

Apple cider vinegar is also known to reduce water retention, reduce cholesterol and improve the circulatory system and what is remarkable there are no known side effects resulting from using it.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss?

Nothing new under the sun. There are historical facts that Egyptians took apple cider vinegar for weight loss and in recent years it has seen a resurgence of interest for those interested in its health benefits.

No one is really sure how apple cider vinegar works to promote weight loss. It is generally believed that the nutrients, enzymes, and organic acids in apple cider vinegar cause weight reduction by acting as an appetite suppressant, by increasing your body’s metabolic rate, and by reducing water retention.

Let’ See What to Do

You can mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water; Add a teaspoon honey and cinnamon powder – It will help you to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and improve your health.
Drink twice a day about half an hour before each meal.
Drink more water through day – it helps to flush out your body.
Exercise three, four times a week.
Follow a healthy diet:  increase consumption of fresh organic vegetables and fruits; raw salads, sprouts, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Do not fall for diets that deprive you of certain food groups like protein, carbohydrates or fats. These diets will not work long term and you only jeopardize your health. Your cells need these nutrients to perform properly and depriving them will not solve your overweight problem.

Does it Work?

If you are overweight, an Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss plan can help you lose weight. However think of vinegar as one of several tools in your diet toolbox. No definite scientific evidence has emerged to carry the claim that apple cider vinegar is effective for weight management.


Since eliminating water weight may reduce minerals in your body, take a daily mineral and potassium supplement.
Drinking too much apple cider vinegar may have negative effects.
Always check with a doctor before changing your diet if you’re taking any prescriptions. Apple cider vinegar may interact with some medications.