Denmark Goes For a Healthy Lifestyle

Danish National Flag

Danish Flag

Danes have a healthy and wise outlook on life. You are rich when you live a healthy life and you are always relaxed. Moreover, for them is more important to prevent than to cure.

Denmark, this Scandinavian country offers an eco-friendly, high-tech and culturally vibrant lifestyle. In fact, the entire Danish calendar is filled with a wide range of sporting and social activities. In terms of citizen safety, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rates are very low. Also, Denmark offers a high level of public healthcare.

In fact, in the last years, public health has been the focus of the Danish government. Any citizen is entitled to free emergency hospital treatment.

However, the Danish health system is focused mainly on prevention. Therefore, this system is efficient and economical.

Danes are a casual, relaxed society, not subject to formal manners.

Danes appreciate those who use their common sense and also, respect the unwritten rules of behavior in society.


Our contemporary world is turning increasingly more, towards a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of age, each of us takes necessary steps to stay away from activities and food that are harmful to his health. A healthy lifestyle means to stay away from vices, to follow a well balanced diet and of course, daily exercise. With few exceptions, these are the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of nationality.

Danes do not make any exception to the rule. Moreover, they are an excellent example how everyone should lead his life. For them, exercise is part of daily routine.

Take the example of their public bike system, which applies throughout the country. This has made this country a great inspiration to other countries. Their special bikes, so-called cargo bikes are famous in this Scandinavian country, particularly in Copenhagen. In fact, there are three brands of these famous bikes well known in the Danish capital, less known in other parts of the country, namely Trio, Christiana and Nihola.

This great public bike system promotes a true culture of the bicycle and thus a culture of physical activity. Dane uses his bicycle everywhere he needs to go. Students pedal miles to school and back. Adults use bicycles to get work or to do their shopping. Riding their bicycles, Danes are able to exercise daily, not to mention that in this way they protect the environment. Dane uses his car only for long trips or in emergency cases.

Danes are renowned worldwide for their tonus and good mood. In fact, they say about themselves that are the happiest people in the world. Specialized studies confirm this. The secret lies in their positive attitude and in their inner strength. In addition, they have low expectations in life, which obviously leads to fewer disappointments.

Copenhagen Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo-Bikes


Traditional Danish cuisine is common to other cool Northern European countries, especially those in Scandinavia. However, Danish recipes and food have several its own distinct characteristics.

Somehow, Danish food can be considered a heavy meal. For example, a dinner meal is generally, based around meat (pork), potatoes and gravy. In fact, Danes consume the most pork per capita worldwide, not to forget bread and pasta. But we must not forget that Denmark is a Nordic country with low temperatures in most part of the year. In fact, the capital, Copenhagen is approximately the same latitude as Juneau, Alaska’s capital. Therefore it is natural in a way that the population to adapt their diet by low temperatures.

Denmark | Life, People and Culture (video)

However, not long time ago, Danish government has issued a new tax, namely “the fat tax”. It was and is a controversial tax, but anyway it is a step forward for Danish society for a healthy lifestyle.

But back to Danish cuisine, we cannot mention the famous Danish pastry. There are an enormous number of bakeries, all throughout country that have a huge assortment of delicious pastries and cakes.

However, modern Danish cuisine has undergone several changes in the last time. The changes are evident. Danish cuisine trends are moving toward more light and healthy meals.