Fruits and Vegetables Can Reduce the Stroke Risk

A recent study in Sweden shows that regular consumption of great quantities of vegetables and fruits lower considerably the risk of stroke.

Royal Caroline Institute
Karolinska Institute

The study belongs to the famous Karolinska Institute” (or Royal Caroline Institute) from Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, and shows the benefits of introducing fruits and vegetables in your diet, at quantitative level.

Statistics show that stroke is one of the top causes of death in the world, closely followed by heart disease.

The Antioxidants in the Fruits and Vegetables

According to the Swedish study, a diet rich in antioxidants reduces significantly the risk factors that can trigger a stroke. It is known that antioxidants inhibit the process that leads to oxidative stress and inflammation, which can be a trigger of autoimmune diseases. Fruits and vegetables are rich in bioactive substances that effectively fight against free radicals thus preventing the appearance of oxidative stress.

It’s long been known that antioxidants in the diet can have a positive effect in many situations and there is no reason not to include a larger amount in the diet” says Karen Congro, nutritionist at Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York.

According to the Swedish study, in the groups of healthy people who have been subject of this research, it has been found that the risk of stroke was 17% higher in those who had low levels of antioxidants.
For people with heart disease, the risk is between 46 and 57% for those with high levels of antioxidants.
Foods most suitable for increasing the levels of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables (50%), whole grains (18%) and tea (16%).
In addition, it can be consumed chocolate, foods rich in vitamin C and E, flavonoids and carotenes.

According to the Swedish study, every 25 grams daily of fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of stroke by 9 percent

What are the Best Fruits and Vegetables

The main foods that are good to be consumed are white fruits and vegetables such as pears, apples, bananas, cauliflower, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc.

However, experts say that diet should be varied so that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Therefore, it is important that you eat fruits and vegetables in an alternative way. To add more fruits and vegetables in your diet, you can opt for fruits and vegetables as snacks and as a starter. They can be served raw or steamed plain or dipped in a homemade sauce. However, always opt for a raw vegetables salad before the main course.

Fruit snacks are infinitely healthier than cookies or chips. In addition, fruits contain water and fiber that help you feel full longer. Certainly, when you eat an apple, you will not want to eat anything else after you finish it. On the other hand, when your snack consists of pretzels, there is the risk for you to be still hungry.

TIP:  When you eat the main course, cut in half your portion of steak, keep only one of the haves and the rest can be filled with vegetables. In this way, you could say that you not only eat vegetables, but you have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed.

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