Everything about Swedish Bitters – Uses, Recommendations, Benefits & Precautions

Swedish Bitters

Swedish bitters is well known for a long time, as an excellent natural herbal tonic that helps alleviate and even cure many ailments.

Not many people know that this miracle drink was discovered by Paracelcus (the famous Renaissance botanist physician and alchemist).

However, it was rediscovered in the 18th century by two Swedish medics, Dr. Claus Samst and Urban Hjame and promoted later by a well known Australian herbalist Maria Treben.

Today, this amazing herbal tonic is available in many different concentrations and formulations non-alcoholic or alcoholic versions and usually it contains aloe, rhubarb root, camphor, saffron, zedvoary root, angelica root, myrrh, senna leaves, carline thistle root and theriac venezia.


You can use one or two teaspoons of this tonic before meals, diluted in tea or simply in water. Swedish Bitters is recommended in various diseases such as:

1| Indigestion, Bloating, Biliary Dyskinesia:

One or two teaspoons of Swedish Bitters in a half of cup of water, four times every day before your meals. Sometimes in case of indigestion, it is recommended a higher concentration of bitter.

2| Anorexia:

It is highly recommended in many cases of anorexia. Swedish Bitters will trigger a natural feeling of hunger. It will act also psychic giving the sensations of a healthy person awakening a lust of life.

This will lead, in time, to a normalization of your weight by equilibrating your emotional states and digestive functions.

It is recommended three times daily, 20 minutes before eating. The best concentration is one or two teaspoons in a cup of water.

3| Chronic Liver Disease:

Swedish Bitters has an amazing effect in decongestion and regeneration of your liver.

It is recommended three times daily on an empty stomach. You need to maintain the cure for three weeks and then rest a week.

4| Skin Disease:

In case of skin disease, you need to keep the cure for at least one month.

The right concentration is a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in a glass of water, three times daily also on an empty stomach. Of course, the effects will be installed gradually but they will be persistent.

This treatment is ideal for those suffering from various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, fungi or bacteria.

5| Allergic Disease:

For allergic diseases, it is recommended a two months cure. It consists in one teaspoon of Bitters in a glass of water and it is administered four times daily before eating.

It seems that this miraculous tonic strengthens and stimulates the body’s immune system and it has a great role in elimination and drainage of liver, kidney and lungs.

6| Menstrual Disorders:

You need to take a teaspoon of bitters three times with 4 or 5 days before menstruation and then you should take half of a teaspoon 5 or 6 times daily in the first two days of your menstrual cycle.

7| Intestinal Worms:

The best quantity is a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters diluted in a glass of water, three times daily.

8| Cystitis or Kidney Infection:

One teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in 250 ml water, administered four times daily. It has a great effect in improvement and even cure of these diseases.

However, in cases of crisis, it is highly recommended warm compresses with Swedish Bitters on your bladder or kidney.

9| Cold or Influenza:

It is recommended half of teaspoon into a glass of water every three hours during a whole day. It reduces the pain and inflammation of the neck and it will relief your breathing, lowering your body temperature.

10| Fever:

It is highly recommended that Swedish Bitters to be administered in the feverish outburst.

The right quantity is half of teaspoon of bitter into a glass of water, every two hours. When the temperature begins to decrease, you should reduce the quantity to one teaspoon in a glass of water three times daily.

It is better to complete this treatment with a diet based more on fruits, vegetables, natural juices and plenty of water.

11| Morning Nausea and Headaches:

You can take preventive one teaspoon three times daily or more but not more than five times daily.

12| Rheumatism and Gout:

Swedish Bitters is amazing in treating these ailments. It removes your body toxins.

The right treatment is a three months cure of Swedish Bitters, administered four times daily, one teaspoon of bitter in a cup of water or tea, before eating. You need to rest a month and then this cure can be repeated.

13| High Cholesterol and Heart Disease:

It is well known that Swedish Bitters reduces cholesterol keeping your blood vessels flexible. It is also a great heart tonic.

You should keep a cure of Swedish Bitters for at least two months. It consists in three teaspoons of bitter in a glass of water administered daily.

14| Pancreatitis and Diabetes:

A teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in a glass of water three times daily.


1| Headaches and Nervous Posttraumatic Disorders:

You should place compresses with Swedish Bitters on your neck for at least 30 minutes.

2| Wounds or Persistent Scars:

You first, to wash your wound with a piece of cotton soaked in Swedish Bitters. Then squeeze the cotton ball over the wound. The affected area will form a crust, which will speed up the healing time.

3| Burning Wounds:

The treatment is similar with the above one. You need to apply the solution with a cotton swab.

4| Thrombophlebitis:

Apply compresses with Swedish Bitters to the affected area.

5| Sprains and Strains:

Apply compresses with Swedish Bitters on the injured joint for at least two hours.

6| Insect Bites:

First you need to remove the needle and then to apply a compress well soaked in Swedish Bitters.


Swedish Bitters has a high concentration of alcohol. Therefore, it is recommended to be administered diluted in water or tea.

For external use, Swedish Bitters will be used as compresses. Warning for those with a sensitive skin. Due to its high percentage of alcohol, Swedish Bitters can irritate the skin. Before applying the compresses, it is a good idea to protect the skin area with a layer of calendula cream.