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Living a healthy lifestyle means to understand all factors that affect our overall wellness.

In fact, we understand all the factors that affect our lives but we cannot control them all.

We have very little or even, no control over “aging” or “genetics”. However, you can definitely, have control over other many factors that affect your life.

You are the only one that is responsible for your overall wellness. You are the only one that can increase your quality of life through:

a) A positive attitude;
b) An active lifestyle – physical activity;
c) A healthy diet – nutritious food plus maintaining a healthy weight.

Sweden | Life, People and Culture (video)

Following these tree simple factors make the population of Sweden to be one of the healthiest on Earth. Sweden is the only country that is constantly ranked within the first ten countries in the world. Sweden, not only has an average life expectancy of more than 80 years but it has also, a high quality of life. This is a clear indication that Swedes are doing something right.

A Positive Attitude

Although social relationships can be particularly sometime problematic among Swedes, Sweden still has one of the most harmonious and tolerant human societies. The secret there is in everyone’s positive attitude, in the mentality of ordinary Swede.

For example, there are large differences between the Swedish mentality and American mentality on shyness. In the United States, the general attitude toward shyness is a negative attitude. A shy person is seen as incompetent and not too an intelligent person. Therefore, the average American is trying all the time, to conceal or to control his shyness. Instead, shyness is completely different seen in Sweden. A shy person is seen as a sensitive, reflective and non-pushy person.

Swedish people have real value to his personal independence. In fact, personal independence is deeply rooted in the culture of Swedish people. This explains why Swede wants and loves to live alone.

Swedes generally hate conflicts and do their best to avoid them. They placed a high value on understanding and consensus. In the Swede mentality, any conflict can be mediated and settled. Swedish people is well known for its liberalism, tolerance and acceptance.

An Active Lifestyle

Swedes love to be active and it is no doubt in that. An active lifestyle is part of Swedish culture. Any Swedish citizen is working out all the time, whether winter or summer. Everyone active life is supported by education and work.

Each Swede plays on a sport team, likes to hike or go to the gym. There are many sport holidays all year round. However, regardless of age Swedes prefer to travel by bicycle. Also, Swedes are always outside in the middle of the nature. They love to skating, skiing, hiking or simple sitting at a picnic.

This active lifestyle in the middle of nature has a great effect not only on the body but also on the mind. And if he wants to disperse the accumulated stress any Swede jumps directly into his sauna.

Swedish Girl on Bike

Bicycles in Stockholm, Sweden

A Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Swedish cuisine is known for its nutritious and healthy meals. In fact, all Swedes are very conscious with their health and therefore, even their foods reflect this. All the foods are rich in minerals and nutrients.

Swedes prefer:

– dairy products;
– bread;
– meat such as: pork, beef, fish, pickled fish and seafood;
– fruits;
– vegetables such as: cabbage, potatoes and kale.

The most famous Swedish dishes are “Humaniskost” and “Smorgasbord”.

a) Humaniskost is very rich in fish, pork, cereals, milk, root vegetables, potatoes, etc. We can mention the following dishes:

–  Artsoppa – is a kind of pea soup;
–  Inkokt Lax – boiled salmon;
–  Rotmos med Flask – pork with mashed carrots or mashed potatoes as side;
–  Kottbullar – meatballs;
–  Fiskbullar – fishballs;
–  Raggmuk – potato pancake;
–  Palt – potato dumpling with pork;
–  Navgrot – porridge;
–  Kalops – meat stew with onion;


Smorgasbord – “Smorgastorta”

b) Smorgasbord is a kind of buffet style. In fact, all Swedish dishes are divided in two big branches: cold and hot recipes. Bread, butter and cheese are included in the most of the Smorgasbord recipes.

It is extremely important that every Swedish meal have all nutrients and mineral required by a healthy diet. Even in the schools, Swedes are very careful that their children receive a healthy diet. All the meals are made fresh and there are always many options to chose from. Generally, all meals are nutritious and cover all food groups.