How Circulatory Health Can Affect Your Diabetes – Dry Skin Brushing and Aromatherapy

Having a healthy circulatory is very important for all of us, and especially for people with diabetes. During the winter season, maintaining circulatory health is more challenging. Dry brushing with essential oils is a natural circulatory boosting solution.

Circulatory Health and Your Diabetes

A bad circulation is a great risk when is associated with diabetes. Blood flow problems for type one and two diabetes are at big risk for heart disease and stroke. The way you can avoid this is to improve your circulation. Eating artery clearing foods (oatmeal and walnuts) and exercise regularly as well as dry brush regularly with oils essential can help.

Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing is a combination of two therapies: dry brushing and aromatherapy. The dry skin brushing is the process of gently brushing your skin with a soft brush. Start the brushing with your feet and continue up along your entire body and always in the heart direction. Dry brush is a great way to stimulate your body circulation and your lymphatic system can be stimulating.

Dry brushing is making your skin to breathe better, smoother and healthier even your cellulite can be reduced.


Aromatherapy is using aromatic essential oils from plants. The oils can ease your pain, improve your mood, and can treat some specific conditions as insomnia or psoriasis. This therapy can improve your skin and boost your circulatory system. By dilating the blood vessels, they make the blood flow easily.

The oils can be inhaled, spread over your skin or in the tab and absorbed while you soaking. For a dry brush method, you have to put a few drops on your brush, peppermint for example, and then you can rub the oil on your skin. Before you use the oil, remember that you have to dilute it.


A better absorption of the oils will be by exfoliating the skin. There a few ways to combine aromatherapy with dry brushing. One way is to brush your body than to apply the essential oils topically. Another way is to brush your skin then slip into a bath with essential oils. Whatever method you use, remember that to dry brush before you showering or bathing.

Use Essential Oil Blends for Circulation and Dry Skin

a) Carrier OilRemember you should always use carrier oil. Carrier oil is almond, olive, grape seed and jojoba.
b) Relaxing BlendLavender 8 drops, camomile 8 drops, and neroli 4 drops.
c) Spicy blend – Orange 4 drops, ginger 2 drops, peppermint 4 drops, and rosemary 3 drops.
d) Men’s blend – Orange 8 drops, rosemary 8 drops, and sandalwood 4 drops.