How to Smooth Your Body and How to Relax Your Mind with a Beautiful Bath Spa-Style

Taking a Bath

Beautiful Bath Spa-Style

1. A Rose Oil Bath Can Be Beneficial for Your Mind

A scent of rose oil is an aphrodisiac and mood elevator.

It will boost your production of dopamine (a calming brain chemical) which is going to put you in a good mood.

Rose oil can balance your hormones.

It will regulate you cycle and ease your tension, reducing your cramps.

The vitamin contains in rose oil, will regenerate your skin cells and make your skin soften.

You can have your own rose oil.

Take 2 freshly roses, heat 1 and 11/2 cup almond oil, than remove the oil from heat, add petals and let infuse overnight. Next day strain the oil into a reusable bottle. For each bath of yours, pour one tablespoon into the water.

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2.  A Chamomile Milk Bath Can Relax You

A chamomile bath can relieve your anxiety and relax your mind. Chamomile has antibacterial properties, and because of that, it will relieve your cold symptoms.

Milk with its natural acids will make your skin like a baby smooth one.

For a chamomile milk bath, you need one-tablespoon chamomile tea and one-tablespoon powder into cheesecloth. Place your sachet in your bath and soak for 15 -20 minutes.

3. A Lavender Salt Bath Will Reduce Your Tension

Calm your nerve with a lavender bath. Lavender anti-inflammatory components can relive muscle aches and sinus pressure. Lavender oil stimulates cells skin, minimizing scarring and starch marks.

For a perfect lavender bath pour one tablespoon lavender tea into one and ½ Epsom salts. To use pour a scoop of salts into a warm bath, and lest for 15 minutes.

4.   A Minty Bath Can Recharge Your Batteries

Peppermint scent instantly energises your mind. Peppermint oil inhaled or massaged can relive your headache.

For a good result mix, two cups Epsom salts with two handfuls fresh mint. Put composition onto a jar. Pour a scoop of salts under the stream of your running bathwater.

5.  The Citrus Bath

Lemon oils are uplifting and invigorating. Lemon oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and can calm your irritated skin.

To enjoy a citrus bath, pour 1cup almond oil into a reclose able bottle. Add lemon zest from 5 lemon, twist them and let set over night. Next day you can use it. Pour one tablespoon into your bath, and let soak for 15 minutes.

All of these soaks has amazing benefits, what you have to do is to choose your favourite scent, and you will experience a great feeling and in plus you will look radiant.