How You Can Lose Weight by Practicing Yoga

Our system is a unique blend of body, mind and spirit. A simple irregularity in the body affects the mind and, similarly, disappointment or distress manifests as a disease in the body. Yoga helps restore and maintain the harmonious balance in our system.

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Yoga reduces the stress levels

Through exercises of Yoga, acute or chronic anxiety can be reduced since the practice calms the sympathetic nervous system. Also, scientists have found that people who practice yoga regularly have a higher number of cells in brain areas that regulate stress, and a greater power of concentration.

In fact, this is the main benefit brought by Yoga on the body and from it come all the other advantages.

Yoga keeps you away from “junk food”

As you are less stressed, the less you tempted to eat “junk food”, meaning all industrially processed foods that abound in artificial sugars and chemicals harmful to your health and silhouette.

Yoga keeps away extra pounds, especially in the abdomen

People who practice yoga have lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. This – when it is produced in excess – is a “magnet” for belly fat.

By practicing yoga, you have more physical activity

Yoga reduces symptoms of depression, but also general malaise of spirit, and the people at ease, optimists are more physically active.

Practicing yoga you sleep better

Regular practice of Yoga exercises increases the quality of sleep, so the body is refreshed and balanced in terms of hormones. Thus, during the day there are no more sudden food cravings caused by a sudden fall of blood sugar or hormone imbalance.

You’re more careful with yourself

People who can slow down their biological, are more attentive to their own choices, both in terms of food, and – in general – lifestyle. In this way, they usually have a body weight appropriate to their height. All these benefits of Yoga practice helps weight loss, if done regularly.

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