Why You Don’t Have the Body You Want

You keep a healthy diet, take all necessary supplements, you also have a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, and yet fail to have the body you want. More than that, extra pounds continue to accumulate.


Why is that? You feel frustrated, disappointed and try to explain this dilemma.

Maybe you’d feel better if you find that you are not alone in this situation. In fact, this is very common. Although it is a general tendency to blame solely a poor genetics or to assume that actors and stars hide some secrets maybe it would be better to see what are the real causes of this phenomenon. In this article, I will present four cases leading to accumulation of extra weight despite diet and your healthy lifestyle program.

1| Bad Relationships & Stress

It is well known how destructive is stress, for both physical and mental health.

What should be mentioned is the fact that stress is mostly caused by your bad relationships such as overbearing in-laws or maybe even parents, a severely boss, envious or intrigue colleagues, acquaintances, friends and not least the conjugal relations.

The accumulated stress disrupts invariably, your metabolism and your body will start, to deposit fats, especially abdominal fats.

It is quite difficult to cut your relationships with relatives and “friends”, but you can make some efforts to avoid conflicts and thus to reduce your stress as much as possible.


2| Body Intolerance

This is indeed very frustrating. Your diet is healthy and you are very careful what you eat (lean meat, eggs, fish, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and fruits), and yet you continue to accumulate extra pounds or at most to stagnate.

It is clear that you have so-called “food intolerance” a milder form of “food allergy”. The result is a low-level body inflammation that blocks your body functions to work properly. In fact, it is a quite severe situation and you should forget, at least for a while, to lose weight. Priority is to find the foods that are not tolerated by your body.

Only after you have found the “bad foods” and you removed them from your diet, you can to resume your training program.

3| Your Body Contains Toxins

Many toxins such as cigarette smoke, metal tooth filling, cosmetics, pollution, prescription drugs and other are stored in your fat cells because otherwise they would affect all the vital functions of the body. This is in fact a smart quality of human body, protecting itself in this way, by the particularly harmful effects of these pollutants.

You need and you should to take drastic steps to get rid of these unwanted guests, such as chelation therapy, detoxifying diets, infrared saunas, etc. These methods will help you a lot to remove toxins and metals from your body. However, it is wise to consult your family doctor before doing this.

4| You’re not Ambitious Enough

Although you think you put enough effort to achieve your goal, maybe it still is not enough. It depends only on you, to grow steadily your efforts and to maintain a strict diet.

It is likely to be needed to change your diet and increase your exercise. Perhaps, cardio is not working for you.

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