Choose the Right Balanced Combination Between Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise works great together!
Your strategy when you want to lose2 or 3 kg is:

  1. Do more sports, so that lower caloric intake does not slow down your metabolism.
  2. Decrease your portions of food. If, for example, regular lunch included 200 g of meat or fish, now you have to settle for 100 g.
  3. Train at the gym or get a bicycle in the park – in an hour, melt 500 calories, and even more, climbing a slope. If you do not like to sweat, walk two hours to the road, the weekend is over 1,000 calories lost.
  4. Remove fat from your diet! Avoid chocolate and French, fries, eat, fruits and vegetables. For dessert, try a fruit salad or something exotic like a mixture of endive, oranges and yogurt. Skip the butter for margarine and change in fat snacks between meals with foods low in fat.
  5. Get ready for the moment that you give and you give winter in the refrigerator. Rice, pasta, mashed potatoes and vegetable soup, prepared in advance, portioned, kept in the freezer and quickly heated are light snacks, to help you deceive your hunger. Drink only skim milk and avoid alcohol.

If you want to lose 4 or 5 kg, your goal is to reduce energy by 500 calories daily in eight to ten weeks:

In the beginning you lose more than one pound a week, the result of water removal.

Strive to do sport almost every day.

Once you get used to a regular schedule, it will be easier to keep in rhythm, especially when you see that your efforts begin to bear fruit.

Even brisk walking for 30-60 minutes can help. For example, walk out of the way to work.

TIP: Buy a pedometer (you find in sporting goods stores). It measures speed and distance.

  • Outsmart your hunger by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink water instead of juices or carbonated drinks sweet. Daily water intake should be between 1.5 and 2 litters (i.e. 6-8 glasses). Is it better to drink plain water instead of sodas. The latter can cause bloating and a slight increase in blood pressure.
  • ***Do not skip breakfast. Transform it into one of the most important meal***
  • A large serving of cereal (cornflakes or oats) with low-fat away you hunger until noon.
  • Reward your efforts this week by going to the hairdresser, buying yourself a cosmetic product or anything else besides food. You will auto-impulsion and at the same time, you miss meals abundant.
  • Even if you like eating in front of the TV or reading your favourite magazine, quit the habit. During the meal is good to focus only on what you eat, not to say that the state TV to tempt you crunch all kinds of sweets, nuts, popcorn, diet that will give you over the head.
  • Eat slowly, quietly, without thinking about problems and worries of the day. Foods should be well chewed for digestion to be easier.

Remember that you can start even today and not tomorrow or next month, as we probably even fooled us many times. How?

  • You can daily walk of at least 30 minutes.
  • Climb stairs to upper floors avoiding the elevator.
  • Find a few hours weekly to go to do a sport or to the gym, you will certainly feel good especially if you  are with a group of friends
  • In some cases a medical opinion is require before you starting to exercise: men after age 40, women after 50, or people with chronic diseases.