How to Take Care of Your Natural Cosmetics

When you choose your cosmetics, choose natural cosmetics they are better for the environment and for your health too. A natural cosmetic requires a little extra care to keep them clean and healthy.

Here there are some tips to help you get longevity for your favorite products.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your natural cosmetics clean is the key; you have to wash your hands before applying your makeup. Keep all containers clean, and never let an applicator to touch an unclean surface.

Make sure your makeup brushes are going to be clean at least once of month. For your liquid products use single-use plastics disposable applicators.

Toss It

Just like foods, natural’s cosmetics got an expiration date. Generally, the expiration date is around six month. If a product is changing its color or smell badly throw it out.

Do not Share Your Cosmetics

Do not share your cosmetics or applicators with someone else. Sheering these increase the risk of passing bacteria from a product to another.

Sometimes you just cannot wash your hands, like in a store, so to use a lip-gloss try an applicator wand.

Makeup should not be stored at or above 85 F.  Never apply your makeup in traffic or on transit, and never leave your lip-gloss in a hot car.