Mood Swings in Women

Behavioral changes and mood swings are situations unfortunately very common situations, experienced by all people, especially women.

Mood Swings

For some people, these changes can be daily, for others once a year.

Many women have sudden mood changes; now they are happy and cheerful and over a few seconds are sad, grumpy and nervous.

In fact, why these mood swings occur and what can be done to prevent the recurrence?

Mood Swings in Women

Mood swings are behavioral disorders that occur among both women and men. However, women are more prone to these behavioral disorders.

These behavioral disorders (mood swings) are characterized by the expression of a range of different emotions in a very short time. It may seem strange, but a woman can be happy in the first hour of the day when she wakes up and feels the hot coffee flavor, but she can get angry in a second if she is not like something. Feelings of anger and even depression occur spontaneously, without really grounded reasons.

Frequent mood swings vary from person to person and when they are severe can lead to serious mental problems. Actually, a number of factors in a woman’s lifestyle significantly contribute to these behavioral disorders.

The Causes of  Mood Swings

1| Hormones: Hormones are one of the major causes of mood swings, especially in a woman. Female hormones and hormonal imbalance can lead to severe anxiety and depression.

Hormonal changes and variations usually occur before or during pregnancy, during menstruation or even menopause. Unfortunately, these hormonal changes affect adversely the general health of a woman.

Teenagers also face sudden mood swings when they are in puberty, and when their bodies go through many changes induced by the sex hormones. Often the mood swings are associated with premenstrual syndrome.

2| Chemical Imbalance: Chemicals such as neurotransmitters are released by the brain and are responsible for numerous emotions such as depression, fear or happiness. Behavioral disorders appear when is produced an imbalance in the release of chemicals such as dopamine or serotonin.

3| Stress: The stress related to family, work or love life could lead to severe episodes of depression among women. Mood changes are caused also by a chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle like eating junk food, consuming drugs or alcohol, smoking or lack of exercise.

How to Treat Mood Swings

1| Diet: Diet plays a vital role in treating mood swings in women. Every woman regardless of age should include in her diet more vitamins and minerals.

2| Healthy Lifestyle: It is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and socialization. Walk more, do not refuse invitations in town to dance with your friends and avoid alcohol and banned substances.

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