Unhealthy Habits that Weaken Your Immune System

Your lifestyle has a tremendous influence on immunity. It is true that nowadays, many of us live, or at least try to live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the huge number of information available online, television programs, magazines and books contribute decisively to promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Unhealthy Habits

But still not everyone knows that some of our daily habits are quite harmful and can affect us our immune system. Here are some of the most important ones, to know how to avoid them, and what practical solutions you can apply to each.

Your Mood is Essential:

Recently, studies have shown that the good mood state associated with laughter activates immune cells and reduce significantly the role of hormones that cause stress. Your mood is essential.

It is known that pessimists have a shorter life and who sees everything in “black” will only attract negative energy in life.

The solution?

Give free rein to your feelings manifest yourself, calm down yourself when you are nervous, say what you think, in a word, manifest your emotions. Moreover, all researchers argue that contradictory discussions with your partner are constructive and can boost the immunity.

Your Diet:

A balanced diet provides you with the necessary minerals and vitamins that are vital in increasing your immunity. That means at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, lean protein, low-fat dairy products, cereals, and dietary supplements. A balanced diet can prevent deficiency disease, heart disease, osteoporosis, and is also a powerful ally against cancer.

Fast-Food Diet, Tobacco and Alcohol:

Eating regularly junk food or fast-food collapses “literally your immune system, not to mention tobacco or alcohol abuse, Things become even more dramatic, if your diet is generally centered on the consumption of fats and fried foods.

The solution is only one. You must completely change your lifestyle and habits, including your eating habits. Ideally, at least half of the food consumed in a day should be vegetables and fruits, preferably several raw. Then try not to create an imbalance between fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, with prevalence in favor to the last ones, because they induce a proinflammatory status and overload the immune system to exhaustion.

Excesses and Lack of Hydration:

Extremes should not be encouraged, nor excesses. Unfortunately, more and more people become adept of vegan or raw style, and this cannot be good for the body. Nutrition experts point out that the body also need animal protein. In fact, it is recommended to eat everything, but only moderately.

Hydration with juices has become a habit for many. It couldn’t be more wrong. Your body NEEDS water. Nothing can replace water, even tea or freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables should not replace it. The required amount of water for proper hydration can be calculated simply: for adults – 30 ml multiplied by body weight, but children require a larger amount.

Sedentary Lifestyle, Stress & Body Biorhythm:

Sedentary lifestyle, stress and that you do not respect your body biorhythm (circadian biorhythm equal: eight hours work, eight for rest, relaxation eight) affects immunity. Therefore, you need sufficient rest and plenty of exercise outdoors. Otherwise, the body becomes weaker and more vulnerable to disease and infection.


Certain medications, such as chemotherapeutic agents, immunosuppressant or even antibiotics can weaken the immune system tremendously, and if combined with other unhealthy habits, then the situation can become even worse.

So, the synergism between improper diet, smoking, alcohol, drugs taken by ear and polluted environments form a cocktail that can send you to the doctor sooner or later. If you will take antibiotics at the first sneeze, soon you will become immune to antibiotics.

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