Dr.Oz – Get Rid of Stress with Black Tea and Pistachios

For modern human being headaches have become increasingly common, not to mention sleepless during the night or back pains that are pains that you face almost daily. Unfortunately, stress is part of your life, of your daily routine.

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Fig, Pistachio and Black Tea

Be it money, family, job, or an argument with a friend, this menace of XXI century is a constant presence in your life that overtakes you and your body easier than you expect.

Therefore, if you don’t learn to keep the stress under control, many serious health problems can occur over time, such as depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, heart diseases and even heart attack.

Fortunately, the famous American surgeon, Dr. Oz can help you. So, learn how to relieve stress in 5 easy steps, drinking black tea and eating pistachio.

Eat Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is extremely important for your body. Vitamin C helps considerably, to reduce Cortisol that is the hormone of stress, and is also a factor responsible for the deposition of adipose tissue on the abdomen.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and is involved in the stress response. It increases your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and, in severe cases, can cause infertility. The amount of cortisol in the blood is higher in the morning, when you wake up and drops dramatically to a minimum 3 hours after you fall asleep. Eliminate stress eating fruits rich in Vitamin C or take daily 3 grams of solution.

Eat Pistachios

Pistachios are one of the types of fruits that contain only a few calories and fat, but they are very rich in fiber. Besides these advantages, pistachios are rich in nutrients that help prevent heart disease risks, lowering the bad cholesterol. They also boost the cell regeneration.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by nervousness, calm down with a few grains of pistachios. They will help you to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which generally get out of control in tense moments.

Serve a Cup of Tea

Dr. Oz says that any tea is a good remedy against stress, but the best is black tea. This magical drink fights against hormones that are released in the body when you are stressed. In fact, flavonoids are the miraculous ingredient from the black tea.

They are a type of chemical compounds that have beneficial effects on your body due to the effects of antioxidants and different biochemical substances. Do not exaggerate though. Black tea contains a lot of caffeine, so limit yourself to only one cup.

Massage Your Ears

Massage your face.  In fact massage (acupressure) is one of the secrets of Asian traditional medicine. Acupressure massage allows you to massage your earlobes in those points that help you relax your facial muscles, as well as those of the body.

Doctor Oz says you have to apply slight pressure on the earlobe with your index finger and the middle one. Then gently massage and lift the outside of the top lobe of the ear. Do this exercise daily, for about 1-2 minutes.

Massage Your Head

Acupressure points that you must rub here is located between the eyebrows, in the middle. This is the area that can help you get rid of stress in delicate moments, being connected with the pineal gland, responsible for the production of melatonin.

Apply gentle pressure right between the eyebrows, then move to the middle of the forehead. Move your fingers back and forth to a state of total relaxation.

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