Dr. Oz and the Morning’s Program that Gives Him Energy

If you wonder, how much energy has famous Dr. Oz, you need to know that the morning’s program is strict and it helps him to start on the right foot.

Yoga Exercise
Dr.Oz Morning Workout

What is his program every morning?

Besides that regularly drinks green juices for detoxification and takes care of the food that he consumes, Dr. Oz begins each morning with a set of yoga exercises.

Here’s this morning’s program:

1. Morning Tricks

One of the resolutions for this year is to not snooze the phone. If he used to do this frequently, now he decided to put the phone away from the bed as or he or his wife to have to get up of bed every morning, to turn off the alarm. Why? Because those few minutes, that you sleep light are not good at all and you do not need them. It is much better to go to bed with 15-20 minutes earlier and you will really enjoy the benefits of a quality sleep.

Another trick that Dr. Oz applies in the morning is to set the clock to 15 minutes more than real time so that in the morning he believes is later than it actually is. “I’m usually too sleepy in the morning when I wake up to remember this,” he said.

2. Morning Exercise

After getting up from bed, Dr. Oz has a habit of making exercises a program that he follows strictly for years. He says that when he expects a long and hard day at work, in his morning exercise combines many yoga movements that help him to concentrate much better at work and have more energy. He claims that his program of exercises helps him to wake up in the morning better than a cold shower.

3. His Breakfast

Dr. Oz does not skip ever his breakfast, so he takes into consideration the advice provided by him and other experts invited on his show. He never forgets that breakfast boosts the metabolism, increases his concentration, increases energy levels and improves in fact, the overall mental state.

If you are not accustomed to eat in the morning, your risk of having a slow metabolism and gain weight is much higher. In addition, if you skip breakfast you will be tempted to do all sorts of food choices more or less unhealthy during the day.

4. If He Does Not Have Time Takes His Breakfast with Him

Dr.Oz has specified in his article that always tries to bring his breakfast from home if leaving in a hurry. The favorite food for breakfast is yogourt that takes care of his colon health, protecting him even from cancer.

Also, according to this famous specialist, yogourt increase immunity, is an excellent source of protein and provides a better absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin B12.

5. He keeps three days detox diets and drink only juices and teas

A photo of Dr. Oz on his official Facebook account it shows the doctor at home with a glass of green juice during a detox diet. This helps him to eliminate toxins and regain his energy.

Dr. Oz prepares, the green smoothie in blender:

1 cup water, 1 tablespoon of ground flax-seed, 1 cup raspberries, 1 banana, 1 cup spinach, 1 tablespoon almond butter and 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

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