Beneficial Effects of Wine

Purple Grapes

Red Grapes

Wine is a beverage that comes from ancient times. The history of this drink is closely intertwined and interdependent with human history. In antiquity, there were specific gods of wine such as the Greek god Dionysus or the Roman counterpart, Bacchus. Wine is also mentioned in the New Testament as an important and valued drink.

Nowadays wine is becoming more present on our tables. In some European countries, it cannot even conceive of a meal without a glass of wine. Why this culture of wine?

There are multiple answers. Wine is a fascinating beverage obtained by the fermentation of grapes or other fruits. Generally, wines obtained by fermentation of grapes are the most popular. Kept at constant temperature without contact with air, this miraculous beverage can stand forever. But wine is much more than just a regular beverage. It has many therapeutic qualities, including those recently discovered by “Institute of Health Sciences, Les Breuleux”, Switzerland. Here is what Swiss researchers have found.

  • – Wine is a miraculous beverage that can be a cancer cells killer. In fact wine it is almost 10,000 times powerful than any chemotherapy.
  • – Wine can cure almost 12 types of cancers destroying only malignant cells, without affecting in any way healthy cells.

Why Are People Not Aware of This?

Because worldwide laboratories are more interested in making a synthetic product that can bring them huge benefits. We know very well the terrifying effects of chemotherapy. I do not think we lose something if we try regularly consuming this drink. However, it tastes delicious.

Plant a Vine in Your Garden  

Maybe it would not be a bad idea for all of us to plant a vine in his garden or backyard. After all, why wait for the large corporations to invent something to make huge profits, for them of course.

How to Consume Grapes

But not required that you always drink wine. Sometimes it is enough to follow a diet based on grapes. You can consume this delicious fruit in many ways. You can eat fresh grapes or you can make juice or jam.

Effects of grape consumption are amazing. Perhaps the most obvious are the effects on tumors and cysts. This strongly indicates that grapes and especially wine is an effective remedy against all types of cancer.

WARNING: A grape based diet does not mean in any way giving up your doctor’s recommendations. It should be seen as an alternative and natural way to improve and heal.

Grapes and Red Wine

Red Wine

However, the wine is well known as an effective cure for many diseases such as:

  • a) A powerful anti microbial agent that control fungi and bacterial infections;
  • b) It is extremely effective against internal worms and parasites;
  • c) It can regulate your blood pressure;
  • d) It is an effective antidepressant combating nervous disorders and tension.

In conclusion, I think it is better to consume grapes and drink moderately a good wine than drugs.