Dr Oz: What You Eat Depends on How Many Hours You Sleep

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Sleep is one of the main allies of your silhouette, but it can just as well be the opponent of your silhouette, if you do not sleep well and enough. You can gain weight quite easily if you do not pay enough attention to the normal sleep hours.

Therefore, in this context Dr. Oz recommends some foods that you should eat depending on how many hours you sleep every night.

First you should know that during sleep, your body secretes two hormones appetite.

1.     Leptin – a hormone that blocks the appetite;
2.     Ghrelin – a hormone that has the opposite effect, that gives you the feeling of hunger.

If you have a peaceful sleep for 8 hours a night, leptin will counteract the effects of ghrelin and in the morning you will not have a tremendous feeling of hunger. However, if you sleep poorly on top of that you also have a troubled sleep, your body will produce a greater amount of ghrelin, which will force you to eat more, uncontrolled and unhealthy.

Let’s see what to eat depending on how many hours you sleep.

More than 9 Hours of Sleep: Turkey and Eggs

If you get used to sleep constantly over 9 hours during the night, you will certainly have an enviable figure.

Although apparently it is better to sleep much because your body has time to recover, Dr Oz argues that there is however, a negative side. More specifically, a constant sleep more than 9 hours a day can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. In fact, fatigue and daytime sleepiness are clear symptoms of this condition.

Dr Oz advises you to eat more often dark chocolate (28 grams per day), turkey, eggs and shellfish.

Between 7-8 Hours of Sleep: Foods from all Groups

7-8 hours of sleep per night is the ideal time. Dr Oz says that people who have a healthy sleep schedule also have the healthiest diet that includes products from all categories, from protein and fiber to carbs and healthy fats. In general, if you sleep 7-8 hours per night, it is best to avoid unhealthy foods and you have to hydrate properly.

Between 5-6 Hours of Sleep: Foods Rich in Vitamin C

A 5-6 hours sleep per night may be enough for you, if you’re an active person, but most people find themselves exhausted after this short period of sleep. Dr Oz says that you should have a diet rich in vitamin C to help your body to function optimally even with only 5-6 hours of sleep per night. You must also keep in mind that people who sleep less are more likely to make stroke or heart attack.

However in this case it is recommended to consume more often mushrooms because they contain a generous amount of selenium, an essential mineral for proper functioning of the body.

Up to 4 Hours of Sleep: Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Dr Oz warns you in the strongest way that is abnormal to have consistently 4 hours or even less sleep per night.

Dr Oz advises you to eat more foods rich in antioxidants, especially lycopene, and drink more water. Tomatoes are high in lycopene.  Therefore, it is recommended to eat them constantly in all forms: tomato soup, tomato sauce, tomato juice, fresh tomato.

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