Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen: Healthy Aging with High-Protein Diet

Two Famous American Doctors

Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen

Today, high-protein diet is one of the most searched topics online. In fact this issue, ‘high-protein diet “or” high-protein “is Goggled almost 700,000 monthly.

It’s become increasingly accepted that eating a lot of protein, even from fatty meat as well as slashing carbs, is a wise way to be healthy and incredibly, …to lose weight.

Therefore is quite hard to find out the reality about the true role of protein in a weight loss diet or any other healthy diet. The evidence is clear and speak for themselves:

1| Protein is vital for your body to build antibodies, enzymes, hormones, antibodies — and in fact, every cell.

2| Protein is a excellent nutrient for someone with a big appetite. In other words, the protein gives the feeling of fullness, which will make you eat less frequent intervals. New study presents that when you eat high-protein foods, you triggered an important chemical reaction that can almost doubles back from the digestive system and through the nervous system to inform your brain that you are completely food-satisfied many hours after you eat.

3| After turning 40 your body has to operate increasingly harder to maintain muscle mass, so it is critical to ensure that you get sufficient protein, which is muscle-builder, in a constant amount throughout the day. Let’s see which are the recommendations made by famous doctors Oz and Roizen.

–       You should aim for at minimum 46-56 grams of protein every day.

–       Work out at least three days weekly.

–       Do you weigh no more than 150?  Then, you should go for 75 grams.

4| And finally perhaps, the most important thing.  Protein is not necessarily only saturated fat. In fact, you should stay clear of all kinds of red meats. Instead of red meats choose lean poultry, fish, humus, vegetables such as protein-packing beans, low-fat dairy, egg whites and soy foods.