Dr. Oz: What Problems Are Hidden by Stomach Pains


Stomach Pain

Stomach pains can hide serious problems when they are ignored or treated summarily. Find out how you can easily detect the cause of the problem with the help of Dr. Oz, the famous American surgeon.

Cramps, pains and other troubles that occur in the abdominal area can be symptoms to serious diseases, so it is important to observe them in time and not to ignore them.

Dr. Oz and the Clock Dial

The method proposed by Dr. Oz to identify a stomach pain, depending on the source of the problem involves an imaginary clock dial affixed to your abdomen.

You can thus easily identify the affected areas using the watch figures. 12 is the upper abdomen, 9 is the farthest point to the right side, and 3 is on the left, above your abdomen.

Stomach Pains at 12 o’clock

When pain occurs at 12, in upper and central point of the abdomen, the most common diagnosis targets the gastroesophageal reflux. Acidic gastric juices of the stomach can sometimes reach into the esophagus, causing strong heartburn. At a first glance, the problem can be treated without the help of a doctor, with antacids recommended by the pharmacist.

However, if symptoms continue and pains occur 2 times per week after the first week of treatment, a physician consultation is absolutely necessary. When it left untreated, the symptoms may progress to gastroesophageal reflux disease and risk of esophagus cancer increases.

Stomach Pains at 10 o’clock

When cramps affect the area, which corresponds to 10 o’clock, the most common diagnosis are the stones formed in the gall bladder. The strong and sharp pains in this area can sometimes last only a few seconds. If you have a high cholesterol level in the blood, you are exposed to additional risks with this problem. When the pain returns several times or when you notice the emergence of a fever, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Stomach Pains at 4 o’clock

On your imaginary clock, the area between the hours of 2 and 5, on the left side of the abdomen, corresponds to the colon. The cramps at 4 o’clock usually indicate a constipation, and you have a few easy ways to solve the problem.

– First, increase the level of fiber in the diet and drink plenty of fluids.
– If these dietary changes do not improve with anything your situation, try a magnesium based compound laxative. This mineral can naturally regulate your intestinal traffic leading to the disappearance of cramps.

However, when pain continues in the same area, accompanied by constipation, call a doctor, because the problem may be more serious, namely a blockage in the intestines or a hormonal imbalance.

How Do You Get the Correct Diagnosis for the Stomach Pain

Unfortunately, sometimes the doctor does not ask the best questions to find relevant information, especially if you have come to the emergency room with abdominal problems. Therefore, make sure you describe him accurately, the area and the intensity of pain.

Dr. Oz recommends also, to provide detailed information about the times when pain is aggravated or blurred. Only in this way, you will obtain the correct diagnosis and treatment.