Dr. Oz – Cancer Types and Risk Factors

Mehmet Oz


Breast cancer often receives the most visible information campaigns but there are other cancers that are diagnosed too late in many cases.

Learn from Dr. Oz what type of cancer you are prone and how to eliminate the risk factors.

Skin cancer and lung cancer are the most dangerous and prevalent types of cancer but they are relatively easy to prevent by protecting the skin against solar radiation, and avoiding smoking.

Dr. Oz has analyzed other types of cancer which unfortunately are diagnosed too late, after they had evolved into a dangerous stage.

Breast Cancer

Only 20% of all cases of breast cancer have a family precedent. Has a cure rate of 98% if it is discovered in time, in stage 0 or 1. Mammography performed regularly is the most important element for early diagnosis of breast cancer. If you change your diet, you can strengthen your immunity and control the estrogen levels eliminating in this way the risk factors.

A good diet should contain: green tea, garlic, olive oil, turmeric and seaweed.

Ovarian Cancer

In ovarian cancer, the biggest risk factor is the extra pounds, especially the belly fat. Women who are overweight or obese have a higher risk by up to 30% of developing the disease.

Some studies have found links between daily consumption of dairy and cancer. Other researches show that a diet low in fiber may increase the risk of ovarian cancer by 20%. However, the best measure to prevent this type of cancer seems the use of contraceptive pill. Women who used oral contraceptives for a period of 1-4 years have a 22% lower risk of developing ovarian cancer, and its use for 15 years gives a decrease in risk of up to 58%.

Stomach Cancer

Helicobacter Pylori” is a bacterium increasingly prevalent, which infects the lining of the stomach and duodenum and increases the risk of stomach cancer. With a short treatment of antibiotics, you can eliminate the bacteria from the body.

The greatest risks for stomach cancer are nitrosamines, carcinogenic chemicals that are found in high concentration in meat based products processed such as smoked products, frankfurters and sausages. Salt excess is another factor that increases the risk of stomach cancer, especially canning salt.

Pancreatic Cancer

More resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy than other types of cancer pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed too late.

A drastic reduction in the consumption of sweetened juices and drinks especially alcohol can eliminate the risk of pancreatic cancer. Experts from “the American Cancer Society”, quoted by Dr. Oz recommend a maximum of one glass of alcohol per day for women who want to reduce their risk of pancreatic cancer.

Oral hygiene is an important risk factor in pancreatic cancer. Oral diseases caused by bacteria as periodontitis can cause systemic inflammation that affects the pancreas and increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.