Electronic Cigarette Can Help You Quit Smoking

Following one of the few serious studies conducted on the health effects of electronic smoking, doctors and researchers at the University of Catania in Italy were able to argue with scientific evidence that the electronic cigarette could be useful in the future to stop smoking.

Electronic Cigarette

The study was first presented at a conference held at the Society for the Study of the Effects of Nicotine and Tobacco in Antalya, Turkey. There it was shown how the electronic cigarette has managed to help hardcore smokers to reduce smoking or to quit smoking.

The percentage of human subjects who participated in this study undertaken in Italy and that progress in the end is not very encouraging, only 55% of smokers who took part in this study reduced or gave up smoking nicotine in other cases subjects continued to smoke as much as before.

Italian doctors are still pleased with the results shown by their research, they thinking that this percentage is a record if less than half of active smokers around the world would achieve the same results by resorting to electronic smoking or to smoke less or even permanently quit smoking.

Dr. Riccardo Polosa, who led the study conducted in Italy, wanted to add that electronic smoking products currently represent an excellent way to control tobacco addiction, which can subsequently be used as they are no different from other therapies.

Anyway, it definitely takes many medical studies, as serious as this, to compare the effectiveness of electronic smoking as a means of smoking cessation in relation to other therapies such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches or medication designed to help smokers quit smoking, but it is certain that electronic smoking can be introduced in the future between these therapies, patients thus having at their disposal a new useful way to quit their habit.

Electronic cigarette study

The study undertaken by the Italians held not less than one year, scientists at the University of Catania dividing subjects into three groups of volunteers who received electronic cigarette liquid with different concentrations of nicotine, the first group smoking, liquid with more high concentration of nicotine, the second group receiving in the first phase the same concentration and subsequent lower concentrations, and the third group with zero smoking liquid nicotine concentration.

Most of the subjects who have decided to quit smoking were part of the first group, which received average nicotine concentration, the results were less encouraging in the case of the second group, and even less happy when the last group who smoked only tobacco flavored liquid, but with zero nicotine concentration.

Considered by many famous scientists around the world as the first truly serious study undertaken about the electronic effects of smoking on the health, the study team of scientists from the University of Catania in Italy is very hopeful for people who have already changed the traditional tobacco with electronic cigarette they receiving good news that can help them to quit smoking permanently.

Certainly further studies should be conducted to prove the clear lack of toxicity of the liquid used by electronic smoking products and of course the absence of risks to health smoking electronic products itself. For now, the Italians have managed to provide some scientific evidence in favor of electronic smoking still insufficient to ensure that the E-smoking world is completely safe for health or however much indicated in all respects than traditional smoking.

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