How Can You Manage to Keep Your Silhouette

There are many people who manage to keep their figure. We wonder how they proceed and the truth is that sometimes they manage to annoy us. And how could it not be so?

Attractive Woman

What could be their secret? Perhaps, their metabolism?

But, this is rarely available and, in most cases, over time “the mirage” is falling apart because the fat burning process becomes slower as we age. Therefore, you cannot rely on this and be sure that there are several other explanations of their enviable silhouette.

Actually, these explanations or actually “tricks” are not difficult to put into practice by yourself. And the results will definitely worth the effort.

1| Weigh Yourself Regularly

Of course, that does not mean every day, maybe even once a week is too often (unless you follow a diet that requires you to “count” strictly the extra pounds). The problem can be that if you weigh yourself too often, you will not notice a significant change in your weight and you will not make any difference or, depending on the situation, you can become too confident, or on the contrary, too depressed.

However, once every two weeks or every month, you can do it – This is a realistic time frame. To really, do something constructive, it is good to take your notes (in a sort of diary) about the evolution of your silhouette. By doing so, you’ll have a pretty realistic overview. For example, you can tell if busy and stressful periods promotes the fat deposit or on the contrary a reduction of your weight. In fact, the both variants are possible, depending on body metabolism of each of us.

It is also useful to do this when you change your eating habits – such as not eating late in the evening (which is a very important advice).

2| Provide Enough Protein for Your Body

According to a research in a clinic in the United States, people whose diet is high in protein intake manage to maintain a constant weight at least one year. What is the explanation?

The explanation is simple: an increased amount of protein stimulates the secretion of hormones that contribute to satiety installation. Therefore includes many foods rich in protein and low in fat in your diet such as fish, chicken, turkey, fruits and vegetables.

Put on your plate as many fruits and vegetables in many colors (green, orange, red, yellow), this not only will help you not get bored of this diet, but will also provide a prolonged sensation fullness. Of course, the main argument lies in the vast amount of fibre and vitamins and the “treasure” of antioxidants, so necessary for your health and beauty.

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3| Learn to Love Exercise

If physical activity is an ordeal for you (because, simply do not like to practice), your chances of getting good results are minimal. This is because you will not be able to stick to a program and, at a subconscious level; you will seek all kinds of subterfuges to evade you from a real β€œchore”. And, paraphrasing a well-known adage, good kid and a perfect figure, obtained without exercise, nobody hasn’t seen.

It is therefore important to find a type of physical activity that you enjoy. There is no “I do not like sports”, something you have to enjoy, and it is essential to find it.

4| Do not Dine Out too Often

Yes, it is surprising, but this could constitute a hazard for your silhouette. When you are in front of absolutely enticing menu is much harder to resist temptation. Especially since there are no calories mentioned. “Only tonight and no more” may be more common than you think.

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