Go with a Very Low Calories Diet – “500”

500 - Calorie Diet

500 – Low Calorie Diet

How many calories to consume daily is a major concern for any dieter.

This diet is an original one that offers you a rounded meal plan where each meal is the same calorie count.

In this meal-plan you will be eating 500 more calories than the recommended amount of calories to maintain your weight. You can lose 12-15 lbs. in a week. Only you need a plan.

Let’s see a meal plan for one day;


Breakfast: Do not skip breakfast in any way. You have the chance to cut some calories.

–        One glass of milk (1/5%) – instead of milk (3%) means 70 calories less

–        A cup of cereal

–        2 slices of toast with jam – instead a sandwich means 200 calories less

Lunch: Have you ever thought to replace mayonnaise with mustard or humus?

–        A slice of bread – instead a sandwich means 250 calories less

–        1 cup of green salad – instead fries and you saved 300 calories

–        ½ cup of yogurt

–        A glass of orange juice

Dinner: Dinner is always a big problem. Try to reduce your meals and try to eat at home. Do not eat after 6 p.m. You can save easy more than 600 calories.