You Can Lose Weight with Banana Diet

A Bunch of Bananas

Lose Weight with Bananas

Bananas contain high amounts of insoluble carbohydrates known as “resistant starch”. Bananas consumed correctly, at the right time help your body to burn and melt the excess fat.
Enzymes produced by these fruits will help to speed up your digestion and metabolism. Bananas can reduce your blood pressure; give you a healthy skin and shiny hair.
On average, a banana contains only 0.5g of fat and has only 95 calories, but it has many benefits. Many people, who have tried other diets without success, have been attracted by this miraculous diet that is banana diet and its effects on the long term.

How to Lose 4.5 lb (approx. 2Kg)per Week

Banana diet is one of the best and perhaps the easiest ways to lose weight.
Banana diet has its origins in “The Land of Rising Sun”, Japan, which in only, 2007 has imported more than 970,000 tons of bananas, but incredible this huge quantity wasn’t enough for the ever-increasing demand and markets have remained empty in short time. This diet was then spread rapidly in the United States and Canada, where has become increasingly popular.

Morning Banana Diet

“Morning Banana Diet” was created by Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife Sumiko. Hitoshi has studied preventive medicine and Sumiko is working in the pharmaceutical field.

Diet is simple and easy to follow. Your breakfast is only a banana and a glass of water at room temperature. This breakfast is very important and will lead to weight loss regardless of what is consumed throughout the day.
Bananas are extremely rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins B6 and C. This diet is effective because bananas improve digestion and stimulate your metabolism.

The principle is also simple. Because they are rich in fiber, they will cause satiety and will block in this way, the absorption of carbohydrates.

However, there are several conditions that you have to follow:

– They should be eaten raw, not cooked or even frozen.
– It is imperative to take your dinner before 8.00 PM and to avoid any kind of dessert after dinner. You can eat a fruit if your hunger persists.
– It is mandatory to go to bed before 12.00 PM.
– Alcohol and dairy products are completely prohibited. Drink only water at room temperature.
– Meals must contain fewer calories. Morning coffee should be avoided for stable your glucose levels.

Diet Plan

Breakfast: one or two bananas and a glass of water at room temperature
any choice is acceptable
Afternoon snack:
it allows something sweet at 3.00 PM

Dinner:  you can eat anything, but be before 20.00. Dessert is forbidden
Exercise are recommended, but not required. Practically you can eat whatever you want but do not make excesses. With banana diet, you can lose up to 4.5 pounds a week.

Banana Diet Tips

It seems that there are several versions of this diet, but you have to find the right one for you and your body.
This diet does not consist, as it might seem at first glance to consume as many bananas and less food.
Rule 1: Eat 1-2 bananas before each meal, 3 times a day minimum. Preferably 2 before breakfast, 2 before lunch and one before dinner.
Rule 2: Eat what you want. Obviously, eating healthy foods can support your efforts to lose weight.
Rule 3: When you get bored of bananas, you can change to another fruit. For example, you can replace banana with an apple before breakfast or lunch. This is strictly to diversify the diet.