How to be Stress Free with the World Best Cures

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Stress Free

“Mother Nature “is offering remedies for a lot of symptoms related to every day stress. Called adaptogen, these natural herbs counteract whatever problem you are experiencing at the time.

If you feel dragging, the herbs will wake you up; if you are anxious, they will calm you down; if you are, stress they will make you feel relax.




Jiaogulan  China’s stress cure. This Chinese herb can improve your sleep by 90%.

The compounds herbs help your brain cells to take in more oxygen and the result is a better brain function. Jiaogulan can protect your heart too. This herb normalizes your blood pressure by triggering the release of nitric oxide, which help your blood vessels to relax.


Ashwaganda India‘s stress cure. This herb is use for more than 4,000 years and research show its compounds lower your stress hormones by 25 % in just three weeks. Another amazing property is its capacity to keep you young. Because is loaded with antioxidants, its show to reduce inflammation, first cause of premature aging.




Suma Brazil’s stress cures.’’ Para tudo’’ with means ‘’for all things’’ is reason this herb is used for stress, fatigue, ease anxiety and can boost your immune system too. Suma can keep cancer away by releasing chemicals in your body that can stop cancer cells from growing and spreading.



Panax Ginseng  Korea’s stress cure. This herb boosts the level of oxygen to your tissues and organs by 25%. It sharpens your memory speed mental processing and soothes overworked adrenal glands preventing your stress. Panax ginseng can safeguard against cancer, lowering your risk of liver, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancer.


Eleuthero Russia’s stress cures. This herb increased mental alertness and energy, improved athletic ability. It stabilizes cortisol levels and mood-regulation hormones. Eleuthero fight flu, reducing the duration of the flu by 70 %.




Holy Basil Thailand’s stress cure. This Thai herb alleviates bad moods and even chronic depression by upping levels of the brain’s own anti-depressants, dopamine and serotonin in the same way prescription medications do. It is fighting pain too.



Rhodiola Scandinavia’s stress cure. This alpine herb improved your memory by 60%. If you are on diet, this herb can help you. It helps your muscle use oxygen more efficiently so, you will burn more calories.