How to Dress for Winter Jogging

Young Lady Jogging

Jogging in Snow

Although it’s cold outdoor that does not mean you do not have to jogging. Making exercise outdoors gives you a multitude of benefits – only 5 minutes of jogging can increase energy and elevate your mood.

The only problem that can arise is knowing how to dress to avoid a cold.

Do not Dress like for the North Pole

It is very important when jogging to dress in several layers of clothing. However, dress as if it were 20-25 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. If you dress so, you’ll reduce the risk of overheating and excessive sweating. Once you start running, body temperature begins to rise, and you warm.

Do not Dress in Cotton

The first piece of clothing you need to dress it must be one of a material that absorbs perspiration. First blouse should not be cotton, because this kind of material can trap humidity and draws away your body heat.

Jogging tights will keep your feet warm. However, if the temperature is below 20 degrees, it is good to have some pants with a wool lining.

Jogging jacket shall be of nylon, wind resistance, and to have a zipper. If it is very cold, it is best to wear one more jacket from a special material that absorbs moisture.

It is best to run a day so that you have some sunlight, so rare in winter. However, do not forget to put something on your head, of a material that can absorb the moisture, and of course, gloves.

Make sure you are seen, especially at night, wearing reflective clothing.

What to Do before Jogging?

Take a warm shower before jogging or put your clothes to warm up, especially if you want to run in the morning. Start with a walk because the unheated muscles are less flexible. This will increase the blood circulation in your muscles and will lubricate the joints, so you will move much easier burning more calories. To avoid tendrils and sprains it is better to let stretching after running, when muscles are more relaxed. Do your stretches in a warm room because sweat with cold air can cause most of the colds.

Do not be afraid to run through the snow, unless it’s ice on the ground. Running in the snow is like running on grass or ground. An unstable surface adds a lot of resistance, which make you to work more your body.

Drink Plenty of Water

The dry air of winter can easily lead to severe dehydration, so do not forget to drink water. Hydrate yourself before, during and after jogging and drink plenty of hot liquids.