Physical Exercises that You Can Do in Your Bedroom

You do not do sports because you’re too busy and do not have enough free time to go to the gym. You need to find a way, because sedentary lifestyle is not the healthy best alternative, not to mention that obesity knocks on the door.

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Exercising at Home

A good option is to create a gym in your home. Unfortunately, not all of us have the space for such an enterprise. But maybe you should not leave the bedroom to do some exercise to rid yourself of extra pounds. Let’s see how!

Fortunately, there are many exercises that you can do even in the bedroom or in the living room while watching TV. The few solutions listed below will convince you that you can make physical activity anywhere, including in your bedroom.

1| Morning Exercises

The first set of exercises that you can do in the bedroom are for morning refreshing that energizes you, accelerate your metabolism and put your blood flowing. Start with some stretching exercises. In this way your effort will increase progressively.

Sit on your knees and bend your torso with the hands wrapped around your legs until you manage to achieve your chest with your chin. Stay in this position for as long as you can resist, then return.
– Get on your feet, stretch out your hands and bend over until you can cover your ankles with your hands. Stay like 10-15 seconds, then return.
Continue with two sets of crunches, 20 reps each, lying on the floor with legs straight or raised them on the bed. However, do not do crunches on a soft surface, because you risk affecting your column.

2| Pushups with Support

Use a firm stool or an armchair for pushups. You can do several kinds of pushups, which help you tone your muscles like no other complicated exercise at the gym.

– Stay with your body perfectly stretched, keeping the right hand on the seat pan in the classic pushup position, then put your left hand behind your and slowly descend down to the chair, then get up through your arm force, and return.
– Repeat with the other hand and then support you on the back of chair with your both hands.
– Finally, do your pushups with your legs straight, feet on the seat pan, and hands on the floor.

Exercising at Home

3| Weightlifting

Get two empty plastic bottles or jugs and fill them with water.

– While watching your favorite TV program or a movie, sit down on the bed and lifts the improvised weights. This exercise practicable in your bedroom and helps you tone both arms muscles and those of the scapula.
– However if you also want to work your buttock, abdomen and thigh muscles do a few sets of lunges, holding the bottles in your both hands.

As you get used to the effort, replace the water with sand.

4| Walking on the Spot

Walking on the spot is as healthy as a walk in the park. All you have to do is to pretend that you travel a long distance in a quick step. This exercise is very important for the abdomen and leg muscles helping your body to burn calories.

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