How Fitness Can Help You to Keep Your Diabetes under Control

Fitness and Health

Young Couple Jogging

Today in North America, more and more peoples have diabetes, and the number is going to increase for the next years.

Numerous studies show that fitness can help. It is been proven that physical activities help the insulin production and manage blood glucose levels.

Exercise that will elevate your heart rate
The exercise, that can elevate your heart rate and keep it up for more than two minutes, is an aerobic exercise. Walking, swimming or biking is a form of aerobic exercise.

The benefits of aerobic exercise

For diabetic, aerobic exercise will improve the sensitivity to insulin. Fitness increase heart and lungs capacities, increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance; can reduce heart disease and stroke risk, increase the good cholesterol level. Stress can be reduced with exercise; mental health can be improved and also it is a way to lose weight.

How much do you need to exercise?

At least 30 minutes of exercise daily is requiring. However, we are humane therefore, three times a week of moderate exercise is enough. Regular physical activities improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and help your body to manage blood glucose levels.

The type of exercise you are going to do depend of your health and your fitness level.

Healthy Exercises

Free weights exercises, and resistance tubing is a modality for training with resistance. Resistance training can improve your hypoglycemic control. You can do three sets of 8 to 10 repetition of each exercise. You can start with a lightweight and systematic build up a heavier resistance.

Both, aerobically exercise and resistance exercise are ways for diabetic’s people to take control of their health and lower the need for drugs.

A properly diet is important for diabetic to keep under control their blood sugar.

You should check your blood sugar before, during and fallowing exercise.

When you start a new exercise, the beginning is going to be a little challenge for you, but after that is going to be OK.

Before you start your workout, you need to eat a protein snack, it will increase your dopamine level for your performance .You can try yogurt, hummus or nuts.

During your exercise, you should stay hydrated; if your exercise is longer than one hour and you need to drink something try a sport drink 7% carbohydrate is recommended for diabetics.

After your exercise, make sure a protein meal or a drink within 40 minutes following exercise.

You should keep a record of your blood sugar level, before during and after exercise.

If you are at risk factors like high age, obesity or high level of triglyceride, you cannot have everything under control; but remember that, is never too late to start exercising. Your diet is very important. Avoid sugary drinks; eat whole grains, lean protein and fresh vegetables and fruits.

A properly diet combine with aerobically and resistance exercise will help you manage better your type two diabetes.