How to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk by 60%

Brest cancers rates have considerable increased in the last 10 years. The factors which concur to this situation are diet to high in fat products, alcohol in excess, less fiber consumption, and the most important factor is the obesity conform to the last studies.

Another important risk factor is the genetically one, and when this is combined with the kind of food you are eating increase your cancer risk. New study show how various foods interact with genes and increase the risk of chronic disease, like diabetes, heart complication obesity and cancer.

Let’s see how you can reduce the risk:

1. Control Your Weight. Try to exercise daily, make the right decision when you choose the foods that you are eating. So increase the consumption of vegetables, whole grains, fiber, nuts or low fat milk and cheese.

2. Beans Can Block the Carcinogens. The fiber contain in a cup of beans are up to 20g and they maybe the reason women from Caribbean have the lower rate of breast cancer,60% lower than anyone else.

So, incorporate beans in your diet that can help you and try to eat as much fruits and vegetables possible every day.

3. Avoid Saturated Fats. You can reduce your cancer risk avoiding saturated fats for animal’s products.

Choose the good fats as fats in salmon or olive oil nuts and avocados.

4. Use Black Pepper with Your Meals. Zinc contained in the black pepper can fight against cancer cells from your breast and elsewhere.

5. You Can Cut Your Risk by 30% if You Reduce Sugar and Salt Intake. Avoid the processed foods, and don’t add extra salt in your meals .Another thing is to avoid sugary soft drinks. Drink instead plenty of water and tea.

6. Go to Sleep Before Midnight. Women who go to bed before midnight are less likely to develop breast cancer .This is the time for the body to manufacture melatonin, a sleep hormone , a powerful cancer fight. So, instead to stay late to get your things done you can wake up earlier. This is reducing your risk by 35%.

7. Defence Yourself with Supplements. Adding vitamin D maybe reduce your chances of breast cancer.

The antioxidant found in red and purple grape skins can shut off the tumor, and increase the production of liver enzymes that break carcinogens before they grow up.

8. Keep Up Your Good Mood. Any activities count: from taking a bath, having a napping or watch a comedy, something you are really enjoyed. Happy people don’ get sick.

9. Eat Celery. Recent studies show that celery is rich in apigenin, a strong compound that fight cancer cells and stop them from spreading

10. Drink Alcohol in Moderation and Do Not Smoke. This way you can reduce your cancer risk by 35%.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle and doing regular screening can help you in your fight against cancer disease.