High-Fat Diet Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Eating foods high in hydrogenated fats may increase the risk of women to develop breast cancer, suggests a research conducted by University of California and quoted by Daily Mail.

This study conducted on mice showed that a diet that predisposes to metabolic changes and obesity stimulates early breast growth and leads to the development of abnormal tissue that can cause breast cancer. In fact, this type of cancer originating from this breast tissue i.e. the inner lining  of milk ducts.

Scientific research leader, Dr. Russ Hovey, says the following: “The findings of this study are extremely important when it overlaps with evidence showing that girls who experience breast growth prematurely coincide with child obesity epidemic”. Fatty acid is an ingredient used in cakes, biscuit and processed foods in general.

The researchers fed mice a diet based on a fatty acid called CLA 10.12, which can cause metabolic syndrome, a disease associated with diabetes, obesity and heart disease. This High-Diet included in research led to the development of mammary glands for females, although they lack estrogen, thought to be vital in the development of the reproductive system. Some females have experienced an abnormal cell growth that can lead to breast cancer. The link between cancer and obesity can be explained by the increased level of insulin, sustain researchers.

Statistics show that 30% of all form of cancers in women are the breast cancer and one woman in eight risk of developing this type of cancer. In Romania, the statistics show 230,480 new invasive breast cancer cases in 2011, with over 57, 650 non-invasive breast cancer cases. Unfortunately, for American women, breast cancer death rate is a lot higher than other forms of cancer. However, breast cancer incident rate seem to decrease slightly in the last years, especially in women older than 50 years.

Risk factors include also, genetic predisposition, smoking or age.