How to Turn Fruits and Veggies into a Feast for Your Skin and Hair

Brighten your skin tone with apples

These great fruits apples are loaded with malic acids that instantly and gently will brighten your skin tone.

Apple face scrub:

a)     Two-tablespoon oats

b)    Two-tablespoon natural applesauce

c)     One-tablespoon almond oil

d)    One and a half cornmeal

“Place all these ingredients in your food processor and blend everything until pasta is forming. Apply this pasta on your skin and massage gently with circular motions. After that, rinse and dry your skin”.

How pumpkin can make your skin younger

Pumpkin has lots of antioxidants and acids that will help your skin to slough away dead skin. It is going to moisturize your skin too.

Pumpkin face mask:

a)     1/3 cup pumpkin puree

b)    Two-tablespoon vanilla yogurt

c)     One-tablespoon honey

“Mix all of these until become smooth pasta. Put it into a closeable container. For a mask, apply some of this pasta over you clean faces. Keep the mask for 20 minutes while you relax yourself. Rinse with warm water and dry you skin”.

Learn how pecans leave your body soft

Pecans are rich in oleic acids, which is going to moisturize your dry skin.

Pecan body scrub:

a)     One/3 cup shelled pecans

b)    One/3 cup raw sugar

c)     Two-tablespoon sweet almond oil

d)    1/3 tablespoon almond extract

“Put all ingredients in your food processor and blend it until pasta is form. Place your pasta in a closeable jar. When you are in the shower, massage gently your body with this pasta. Rinse and dry your skin. The rest of your paste you can keep it in your fridge for weeks”.

How cranberries can help your skin

Cranberries are rich in vitamin C and got antibacterial properties fighting your skin infection.

Make your own cranberry toner:

a)     Two-tablespoon cranberries juice

b)    1/3 cup with hazel

“Mix the ingredients and keep it in a bottle. After you clean, wash and dry your faces, pour a little of your toner on a cotton pad, and sweep over your skin. The rest of your tone, you had better keep it in your fridge”.

Stop your dandruff with fig oil

Fig oil is rich in vitamin B, A, and can help your dry, itchy scalp to be back to normal.

Fig oil treatment:

a)     One fig

b)    Two-tablespoon olive oil

“Pour the oil into a bowl. Place a strainer over your bowl, and squeeze the juice of one fig into your oil. Massage your oil over your scalp, and let it stay for 20 or 30 minutes. After that, shampoo and condition your hair as usually”.

If your skin is sensitive, always test your home beauty treatment on your arm before you start using it.