Simple Tricks that will Make You Even More Beautiful

How to conceal your dark circles

If you are tired and you want to hide your dark under eye circles, try this trick. First, deep a small amount of makeup brush into a little nude tan or gold shimmer powder. Second, start at the inner corner of your eye and lightly glide it over the darkness. The powder will add extra light to the circle and will make it look more awake.

How to have extra- lush lashes


If you want extra- lush lashes try this trick. Tilt your head back as you sweep on mascara. When you lift your head back, you expose your lush root and this is the spot you want the thickest amount of your mascara; this operation is going to give you a dramatic look.

How to fix your broken blushes, powder and shadows

If your powder is cracked, do not throw it away. You can fix this problem in seconds. What you should do is to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, than place the backside of a clean spoon on top of your crack. Press down the spoon to push down the powder back together.

While the alcohol is evaporating, the powder will melt and come back together.

How to find your perfect hair color

If you can decide what color to use for your hair and you can make up your mind, you can use this trick.

Choose a photo of yourself when you were a baby. Generally, a lot of us had darker hair as children. The color was perfect for your skin ton, because it was all natural. You can use that shade now bringing your photo to your drugstore, to mach that color. The results are guaranteed.