How Herbs can Help You Clear Your Blemishes Naturally

At same point in their lives, women and men between 13 and 25 years of age suffer of acne. The way you eat, your hormonal activity, and your internal health are the factors that can contribute to your blemish formation.

A natural approach to clear your blemish is the best approach. That mean you should start making healthy life choices like meditating, exercising, having a balance diet, drinking plenty of water and having enough sleep.

Sometimes, your blemish can be the result of bacterial activity. To avoid this, you should cleanse your skin 2 or 3 times a day, using a gentle antibacterial cleanser.

After that, moisturize your skin to balance and hydrate it. The breakouts occur when the skin is not balanced. In addition, exfoliate your skin regularly to stimulate the new skin cells to grow.

How Herbs can Help Your Skin

To clear your blemishes without side effects, to calm and balance your skin you should opt for products that are rich in herbs.

Herbs traditionally were used for medicinal purposes, but in our days, they can help you to maintain a healthy skin.

Willow Bark

Willow bark is a source of salicylic acid that can fight your blemish. It will also remove your dead skin, toxins and will unclogs your pores. This herb is recommended to the oily skin.

Tea Tree

Tea tree has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is effective in reliving the acne.


Because it has an anti-inflammatory property, camomile can help you to reduce your dryness, redness, irritation and sensitivity. It can also reduce the discomfort of your skin.

Rosewood Bark

Rosewood it might help you to decrease your skin sebum production.

It is also stimulate the growing of your new cells skin. Being astringent and antiseptic, rosewood can help you to balance your skin.


Lavender has antibacterial and antiseptically properties. That is why it might help you to fight your skin conditions, reducing your redness and your irritation, calming down your skin.