Natural Remedies against Impotence

Chickpeas Can Combat Impotence

Magical potency pills were more than welcome to many men, but the effect was not always successful. Most times, after several months of using these pills, they no longer have the desired effect. So, which is the best solution?


Perhaps you should look for the most effective solutions with minimal risk in natural medicine. Although often considered more as a myth, recent studies have demonstrated an undeniable thing. Natural foods are the best sexual tonic, especially in the long run.

Celery: Thus, celery, long known for its aphrodisiac effects, can be consumed in salads or for greater efficiency in the form of juice. For a desired effect, is required a periodic and long cure with this vegetable.

Onion and Garlic: Also, onions and garlic have the same aphrodisiac effects.

Chickpeas: Also for an increased potency, can be used chickpeas.

The recipe is as it follows: take a handful of well washed chickpeas, place them in a cup of warm water and leave until the next morning when strain. Drink the resulting broth and chickpeas are used for food.

Sunflower seeds, Nuts and Apricot kernels: Sunflower seeds, nuts, apricot kernels also have beneficial effects especially on men who have a low overall vitality or are overweight. They increase fertility as they are very rich in vitamin E and also they are very good as protection against vascular impotence.

Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger: Also as natural remedies against impotence, you can use spicy spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Potency and Masculinity

In the minds of men, there are some false myths about masculinity and potency. Many of these are, in fact, just as many causes of impotence.

Although some believe that alcohol makes them more potent, in reality alcoholism is the number one cause of hormonal impotence.

Meat or fried foods give power; this is another potency myth. Although they are very high in calories, their consumption is a major disaster for the blood vessels, and statistics show that around 90% of men over 50 years who suffer from vascular impotence are large consumers of meat.

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