Smart Ideas & Great Solutions

Smart Ideas to Keep You in a Good Mood

1. To keep spirits up make candy apples. This treat is a sure fix. The joint of apple and sugar, will bust your level of happiness

In plus apples are rich in fiber, which helps stabilize your blood sugar and you will feel satisfied longer.

2. Going to pick pumpkins will ease your tension. Hallowing season is close. Spending time with friends and family can be a relaxation boost. In plus walking through a pumpkin path is a moderate exercise, will ease your anxiety and give you endorphins.

3. How fall foliage can help you fight stress. A little walk   under the trees drop significant your stress.

4. Drink cinnamon tea. A delicious way to feel good and away to be healthy is to drink cinnamon tea. The unique compounds in cinnamon will reduce your blood pressure and slow your hart rate. Use a little sprinkle on your coffee .

Smart Ideas to Make You Look Great

1. How to make your face look slimmer. The secret is to use dangling earrings .The frame of your face and visually stretch your cheeks and jaw line.

2. How to feel great in shape wear. There are shape wear how can make you look great.

3. Play dress-up. Give a go to yourself and let out your inner fashion designer.

4. How to fix your shirt that doesn’t gape. The way you can do that is very easy. Use double-sided tape between the layers of fabric and then closed.

Smart Ideas to Look Beautiful

1. How to do a perfect manicure. First, before you start to apply your nail enamel rest your finger on table in this way you have the control. Second is better to apply twice your police, it will stay longer.

2. What to do if your foundation becomes dry. The secret is to spray water on your foundation. You can use mineral water like Avene thermal Spray or Evian water. Spray gently over your foundation and you won’t have to do again your makeup.

3. How to make your eyes have soft definition. What you have to do is to dot a gel eyeliner right along the upper lash line. This will create a softer look and will make your lash look thick.