How Spirulina Can Make You Feel Great all Winter Season

Recent studies show that you can fight the frequent colds or flu season by taking Spirulina.

This green- blue algae is rich nutritional supplement may be your solution.

1. Taking one tablet of Spirulina daily may ease your fatigue by 80 %. A plant compound will increase the oxygen carrying red blood cells production.

2. In our days, the risk of heart disease increases by 50%. Using Spirulina you can protect yourself. A daily dose seems to relax artery walls and normalize your high blood pressure within one month and a half. Spirulina can reduce your bad cholesterol too, by increase the good one with 12%.

3. Spinach and blueberries are knows as the best foods to sharp your concentration. New research shows that Spirulina is even better than spinach and blueberries. Compound’s Spirulina nourish your brain and fights free radicals.

4. Spirulina is a great source of antiviral compound that will fight against cold, flu and more illness.In only seven days, Spirulina will start your antibodies production.

5. It is been proven that “Zeaxanthin”, which is a good fighter against cataracts and macular degeneration, is in a big concentration in Spirulina compare to any anther food source.

6. Only 2 tbsp of Spirulina powder contain 9 g of protein, all essential amino acids, copper, beta- carotene and even potassium. You can add Spirulina to your daily juice or soothe salads dressings or sauces.

Before you decide to take any supplements, consult your family doctor.